Driving back to the UK this week

Hi, are we allowed to drive back to the UK in our motorhome ok. Which form do we need none seem to be clear for that specific purpose.

We used this one today Montpellier to Calais and the police who checked us at a Piage said ‘parfait monsieur’ https://www.service-public.fr/simulateur/calcul/AttestationHonneur?fbclid=IwAR2MQjlna8wK9_Gzut9jeBDV3V2p5XnndfpN4aDIeVmQldvi2jMy5DNlS_o

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Many thanks for that

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Surely you had to have gone today? After midnight tonight there is no further “tolerance”, so the only reasons for travel are those on standard attestation. So family emergency such as hospitalisation of close family member as an example.

We were talking to a Belgian couple yesterday who were trying to decide whether to head home today, or stick out the confinement in their second home. Since it could be extended more than 4 weeks they set off very early this morning.

Problem is could not get a doctors appointment until Mon 2nd then need to return to our home in the UK

My wife has skin cancer and need to return for treatment

I doubt the French authorities would stop non-residents leaving the country.


Case three dĂŠplacements for Consultations, examination and care which cannot be achieved at distance would cover you I would have thought.

Shame you couldn’t have gone to your doctors in the UK and left earlier if you are UK residents. But I doubt any gendarme would fine you in your circumstances, but you might get told off for still being here.

Finger crossed for her :crossed_fingers:

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