Driving back to uk with spare seat?

We do a trip twice a year back to the uk via st Malo to Portsmouth. Quite often we have a spare seat in the car or van which seems a waste. Recently a French friend of mine introduced me to www.blablacar.com. This is a car share website and my friends daughter uses it when coming from Paris to the south west. Basically you put the details of your trip i.e.start location and end point and date saying if you are willing to take a small diversion to collect a passenger and it calculates a price for the passenger to pay for the seat. Both parties personal details are collected and held securely to ensure honesty and safety. It seems to work well and I thought I would give it a go.

So last night I registered. Then I thought how about doing something similar with SFN.

So my question is. Does anyone think it a good or bad idea?

If we know each other socially on here, it takes away some of the fear factor, and gives us chance to discuss individual requirements and to get to know potential passengers a bit before embarking on a long journey with a stranger!

Clearly if taking more than just a passenger it would spin a different angle on things and costs as well as security would need to be considered. Individuals would need to think about booking the crossing as a foot passenger and onward journey the other side.

Therefore, as a trial I will put my seat on here now and see if anyone is interested!

One seat in berlingo van leaving Tarn et Garonne on Tuesday 28th January at about 10am to arrive at st Malo port for the evening crossing. Cost 41 euros.

I run a b&b/gite business with my husband and children and have been in France since 2010. I am a careful driver, like all types of music except punk(!) am talkative and outgoing. I will be taking the A62 from j8 heading towards Bordeaux, the up the motorway to st Malo. I am happy to come off at junctions or meet at service stations but do not want to take diversions of more than 5 minutes.