Driving in French ski-fields

Hi there. We’re shortlisting vehicles for our European driving tour. There’s going to be a few months in the ski-fields. A favourite is the Mazda 6 Touring Estate - for overall reasons. But with the snow in mind, it’s only FWD with traction control. Does anyone have any thoughts / observations - with just skiing the obvious choice is AWD / Alltrack / 4x4 models…

Great reply. Thankyou.

There are so many variables. I have always driven to ski resorts in the vehicle that I owned at the time and they have always been FWD or 4WD. I have never been beaten by road conditions as most of the main routes are kept clear, the cars that I have had recently have had winter tyres fitted and there were always snow chains if required. Having said that there is nothing like having the security of a Land Rover 4WD system in your vehicle but do you want that for the rest of the year? These days I’d look for a Subaru Legacy estate.