Driving Lessons in France

Hi we are planning a future in France and looking at buying a gite business. My husband is a qualified driving instructor and wonders if a business would be viable for ex-pats and their teenagers. i.e. to be taught by an English speaking instructor?? Would really appreciate any thoughts

How good is his French? As long as he obtains the French qualifications to be a driving instructor he shouldn't have any trouble. I'm not sure teenagers would be a main target though seeing they tend to have gone through the French school system and an English speaking driving instructor with worse French than theirs wouldn't be a lot of use (my children are going through learning to drive and I would definitely not prefer an English driving instructor for them) , but I have come across several older English-speaking people who haven't got driving licences and who on being widowed find themselves needing to learn or move - it is a bit of a niche market but I bet that sort of person would love an English-speaking driving instructor. As I say his French would have to be good enough to pass the diplĂ´mes to be a driving instructor here.