Driving Licence 2018

Hello, Sorry if this has been covered before but I need to ask a few questions! I intend to apply to change my license to a French one & I need help.

Firstly I have lost my UK license, I cannot get a replacement as I no longer live in the UK. The only thing I have is a copy on my computer with other stuff for ‘just in case’. Can I use the computer print out of my license?

Secondly is it impossible to get my new license in my married name? I have not used my ‘original’ name for over 40 yrs and the only thing i have with it on is my birth certificate.

Also if I have to have a license in my ‘original’ name what use s it? I cannot use it for ID for parcels and if I was stopped by the police all my documents are in my married name. I realise you have a photo but is that going to be adequate when the names are different?

What have other ladies done??

Many thanks in advance

yes, as you suspect, this has been discussed at length… but I cannot find it (perhaps someone will)… but…

I’m fairly positive that you can get an “Attestation” from DVLC … which is issued when the Original has been lost and cannot be recovered (ie no UK address). That Attestion is then used to swap for the French Licence…

Give DVLC a ring and discuss…should be OK.

It was most recently discussed here.

My own experience from a few years ago here.

Many thanks for all the helpful comments, I’ll try the DVLC first. I noticed that someone said that the only licenses that have been centralised are French ones. Does that mean that if you are exchanging a UK one for a French one you still send or go to the Prefecture?

Could anyone give me a link that gives the current details of what documents you need to take/send?
Many thanks

All you need is explained here

Many thanks!

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But don’t expect it to happen quickly - it seems to be taking 6 months to a year for the turnaround from sending your application in!

Many thanks to everyone who replied. I’ve read through the links and it doesn’t look too bad. What I still don’t understand is that if my new license is issued in my original name (is there ANY hope of getting it in my married name?) then how on earth do you hire a car if you go to the UK? I would have a UK passport in my married name and a license in my original name so how could I hire a car? I know they would have the same photo but I just cannot see the hire companies having the brains to understand this.

Many thanks

When I was moving from country to country, I carried a wedding certificate with me… as well as passport (married name) and driving licence (maiden name)… kept things calm…was only sometimes asked to explain/show docs… :relaxed:

My French licence and my British passport are in my maiden name so if I need them to match my married name I just take a copy of our Livret de Famille with me which confirms my marriage and shows my Hubby’s name.

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It’s just a question of having the “paper-trail” that links one surname with another… :thinking::smile::wink:

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Many thanks. However as I had been married before then surely this just makes it more complex?? So I would need my new drivers license (in original name) plus passport in current name, plus first marriage certificate in 1st new name and divorce proof, then 2nd marriage certificate that shows my current name?? I hope you’re still with me!

If I have to have a paper trail then would I need at least all the above to prove my name changes through the years? and I would then have to carry all these just to collect a parcel? I suppose it would mean the solution would be to carry my UK passport for parcels but I still cannot see how I could hire a car. I suppose if we applied for citizen ship then a new French passport would be in my original name which would tie up more.

However it still doesn’t get round the fact that I have always hated my original name and would not use it in any circumstance.

Hi Beth…

You are not the only person who has gone through many name changes… :wink:

but the one thing that does not change is your family name (aka birth name)… which you obviously gain at your birth.

Other folk seem to manage to hire cars/vans etc etc… so I suspect that to do so is not as onerous as you fear… :relaxed:

If you really hate your birth-name/family name… so much… why not change it by deed-poll… that might (or might not) ease your worries… :thinking::zipper_mouth_face:

Many thanks. Sounds a great idea! Although would this apply from day 1 of my life so I had never had another name? Just seems a bit odd to have to change your name to the one you currently have!

Thoughts? Anyone out there done this?

regards Beth

Why don’t you simply discuss your situation at the Vehicle Hire place… :relaxed:

As we all know, different areas, different situations, different countries… whatever… nothing like going direct

And one person’s experience will not necessarily work for another person… so go get the info you need … “from the horse’s mouth” in this instance Vehicle Hire… Hertz… whatever… :wink:

Hi Stella,
Many thanks, I think that it probably would be a good idea.

I think what upsets me more is the fact that I will have to have my new French license in my original name, despite having my license for almost 50 yrs in the name I chose. I cannot see how I could go through the deed poll route as this would have to be done via the UK and they would surely be confused that I wanted to change my name to a name I already have!

I think the solution to UK car hire is not to do it, just visit cities & here go & buy a ‘sans permit’ & forget the license altogether!

I wonder what Spain does?

Anyway thanks to everyone that replied, it’s much appreciated.

kind regards

My passport is in my married name and my Permis de conduire is in my ‘maiden’ name with directly underneath epouse xxxxxx(married name)
I have only been asked for my permis de conduire for car insurance and any police checks. So really it’s only a tiny number of people who get to see it.
A voiture sans permis could work out really expensive.
You may loathe your maiden name but once its on your permis then tuck the permis away and forget it, if you have to produce it for car hire or police at least it will match up to your passport. Let’s face it your name may be hated to you for whatever reason but the French won’t bat an eyelid because it won’t have any meaning for them!
As for French citizenship that’s a different ball game …

I can normally find out things for myself but this time am stumped and asking for help. My OH, not known for common sense as will become apparent, has at last realised he has to change his UK photocard licence for a French one. Him not having a grasp of officialdom, neither French nor British, I offered to look into it. Horror of horrors, though, as I discovered his licence expired in 2010! To further complicate matters he is now aged 72. Is there any hope?

Oh whoops! How does he feel about taking a new driving test in France? (That is sort of a joke, as it is very expensive!)

Others are more expert, but since you can’t renew the UK licence now I would say the only thing you can do is apply for a French one and hope they are feeling flexible. Such a shame he’s not 71 as UK licences have an extra 11 months on them because of coronavirus.

What is the address on the UK licence?