Driving licence conversion UK-FR

Hello Do you know if its possible for Brits to convert their UK driving licence to a French one? Thank.

Yes, it is straightforward, look at your Prefecture website.


The prefecture for your department - each prefecture has its own website, so it rather depends where you live! Your profile says Marmite, is that your place of residence or your favourite food?

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This is probably your link then

Yes it’s easy enough to do but you can use your UK licence until such time as it comes up for renewal or you commit an infraction in which case you will be obliged to exchange the licence for a French one.

Thanks I’m worried about the mountain of paperwork that they may ask for?!

Yes you will need paperwork to prove ID and residence but once you live here, you naturally accumulate that paperwork - utility bills, rental contracts or whatever - so it’s not difficult to provide. But obviously you can’t do this until you move here. Proving you live in France when you don’t, would be difficult.

Does your French wife (and her family) have experience of living in France? They might be your best port of call for everyday ‘housekeeping’ details.


We tried to change our UK licences on arrival in France donkey’s years ago.

Got turned away from the Prefecture by a friendly lady who smiled broadly and told us to come back when the UK one expired. (having an old address on it was no reason for change).

She spoke perfect French (of course) and I spoke dreadful French…but we managed to understand one another…

So, Driving Licence is hopefully something you can cross off your list of things to do on arrival in France.