Driving licence delays and points

I got caught by speed radar on 7th July (fair cop!) and have to pay a 45 euro fine and lose 1 point from my driving licence.

I have paid the fine but my problem is I don’t, or soon won’t have a licence for the point to be deducted from.

My UK photocard licence expires this Weds (18th July). I first applied to exchange for a French licence early March 2018. Having heard nothing for over 4 months I sent off a second application early July. Both were sent Lettre Recommande to the Loire-Atlantique Prefecture as directed and I have retained both proofs of posting.

I have two questions:
1.Can I carry on driving after the 18th?
2.How can they deduct points from a non-existant licence?
I would be very grateful for any advice.

The points are linked to your car, you have a dematerialised points account and whatever the status of your licence it is run as if you have a French licence.
As long as it all remains virtual you should be fine, problems may arise if you have to produce an actual document.

Well we were caught speeding about 18 months ago (or rather my OH was but since the car is in my name the fine came to me). Anyway we still have UK licences and have yet to get round to changing them. We paid the fine and have heard nothing further… I have assumed that as Veronique says I have a dematerialised points account, and should I change to french licence the point will miraculously appear. And should we get more points they will demand that I change my licence.

I got caught, here near Arzal, paid quick so a ‘discount’ :slightly_smiling_face: been good since, recently got me point back on me French licence :+1:

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Thanks for your responses Véronique, Jane and Bill.

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We applied late Jan this year…and have been asking by letter…what has happened?

Average turnaround for a licence seems to be between 9 and 12 months…

Amazing how the process seems to have gone ‘down the tube’, took a 1/2hr in Vannes and a short wait for the actual licence.