Driving Licence docs

My UK driving licence is coming up for renewal and as I have been living in France permanently since February of this year I should legally apply for a French licence. I have the Attestation from the Notaire but I also seem to prove I have been here for six months. What document is required? I am not renting or working and my first tax return is not due until next year. Advice appreciated please.

Electricity Bills are usually a good bet…

Have you searched through this Forum… UK licences have been thrashed about many, many times… and there is always something useful amongst the chit-chat.

this one below wanders a bit… but is interesting…

Thanks Stella. Services are direct debit so no statement. What about bank statement showing Sogedo and EDF payments?

You must have a Bill or a Payment Schedule…for Electricity. I have used the old Payment Schedule in the past, sometimes coupled with the Bill where they show the end of year Accounting… (you owe them or they owe you).

Water Bills have been refused for several years now… in all sorts of Official stuff…as I recall, there was a big sign to that effect in the Prefecture…

Just print your Justificatif de Domicile or Attestation de Contrat from your EDF online account. Lots of other service / utility providers also offer this service.

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What Attestation from the Notaire? I didn’t need anything like that.

Probably a different Prefecture.
This is France after all.

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That she bought a house 6 months ago perhaps?