Driving licence lost

Uk resident UK licence, I am due subject to Covid restrictions to travel to our cottage in France, I sent my licence off in June to the DVLA for to retain my C1 entitlement. As our motorhome (4000 kg) requires this. And have still not got it back. What is the situation driving in France if I cannot produce my licence should it be asked for? This is not about travelling during Covid it is about finding out the legal requirements.

If you can’t produce your licence Anthony then I don’t think you can drive. Can you escalate within the DVLA, though from what I’ve reading passing it seems a shambles in there at the moment. Not that ANTS is any better IMO.

Get a certificate of entitlement online, and that has all your licence details so should be ok? And check with your insurance company that that is ok.

After all, in France when you loose your licence you get a temporary attestation which covers you…

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That has SFA to do with what your average Gendarme is expecting at a checkpoint Jane and I doubt it has legal validity in France (apart from exchanging licences). But good luck anyway Anthony, I hope your French skills are up to it.

Which is why I say check with insurance company….

The UK insurance company has nothing to do with advising on the legal requirements in France. They will only advise on whether one is covered or not, and even then in the case of of a claim they could renege.

In my opinion the sound advice here is to get and carry a valid licence. Otherwise on your own head be it.