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With year end rapidly approaching I must exchange my driving licence for a French edition.

I have tried twice before and twice the authorities lost my paperwork. On the second ocassion my dossier included a medical certificate as I wish to preserve certain categories. I wrote to the Ministry of the Interior in Paris to express my annoyance and request assistance but all I received was a very polite reply telling me that I must start again. This was about three years ago at which stage I lost interest.

With final Brexit looming and a possible wish to get a driving job in the not too distant future I lmust again address the matter. I do not have an HGV licence but I can drive up to ten ton trucks having passed my test in 1975. Somebody told me that if I submit my licence for a straight swap the categories for the heavier trucks will automatically be credited while others say the medical formality is needed.

Does anyone have any firm advice to offer and specifically, where can I find a list of approved doctors? Thanks in advance as ever.

I swapped mine some years ago, perhaps 10 or more, and they automatically took off the LGV/7.5 tonne category. I had to get the medical and sen the licence back with the medical asking for the categorie to be added. This was done but the categorie is no longer valid as I’ve never bothred getting another medical (every 5 years). At the time everything was done at préfécture level so a little easier to drop in and explain the situation. Sorry, no idea how the new system works (read doesn’t work in your case!)

Try searching for médecin pour le permis de conduire adding your area.
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It’s pretty much the same. When you apply for the exchange you fill in the categories you have and those you want. If they are heavy goods categories you have to have a medical by an authorised doctor not your GP. There is a cerfa form 14880*02 (google it) and a list of approved doctors on your préfectures website. It will cost 36€.

All is explained on the ANTS site.

I must get round to getting mine up to date!

The category that you wish to retain is your C1, which is for vehicles up to 7,5t gross weight. This category was automatic on full UK licenses issued up until (I think) 1997. If you state that you wish to keep it when you exchange your UK for a French license a medical will be required, & as you passed your test in 1975 (i.e. you’re at least 62) you currently need to pass a medical every 2 years until you are 76, then it’s annual. https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F31121

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Thank you all for the useful info and I shall proceed accordingly.
I am surprised to hear that everybody over 60 needs a medical every two years…I thought all that malarkey started at 70 or beyond. Depressing.

no, it all starts much earlier 5 years for the 7.5 tonne catagory, then é years as described, normal really to make sure you’re in good shape :wink:

Have you misunderstood what was being written? You only need the medical to include certain groups (including towing a heavy trailer IIRC). The basic French car DL expires when you do (but the new style photocard ones have a time limit before it needs updating).

Not everybody over 60, just those who require to keep their special categories, mainly heavy goods, but also if they drive cars professionally for various reasons. Heavy goods require medicals 5 yearly up to 60, then two yearly up to 76, then yearly. https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F1255

Okay…I totally misunderstood. Thank you for correcting me.

Category B+E (which allows you to tow a trailer over 750kg with a vehicle up to 3,5t) no longer requires a medical.

then I didn’t IIRC :wink: