Driving Licence

My son is 16 and wants to get a driving licence in France. It will cost 1200 euros in total, is this normal.

Thanks to all, still crying.

Yes that's normal, it's a fairly comprehensive learning process. Our instructor offered staggered payments for both our boys.

It includes the code and test. 20-24 hours with the instructor, then they do 2 tranches of driving with a responsible adult 2 x 1500K with refresher lessons after each tranche. Then the test. While they drive under supervision they are limited to 80k on normal roads and 110K on auto routes. After they have passed the test they have to have the red A for 2 years , extended if the commit an infraction , they also have only 6 points instead of 12.

You need to get approval from you insurance agent before they do this. After completing the licence via Conduite accompagne insuring them as a young driver is much more affordable. We found it not bad for price providing you stick to a low powered car, both our son's began on a Pugeot 106 which is only 4cv and the insurance has been about 600€ a year for the 1st 2 years on a 3rd party policy. I know my friend in the Uk was quoted £1000 + for her daughter who is a similar age, when they were trying to insure her to learn to drive.

No 2 son will finish his 2 year red A in June and can then get a different car. His brother is now driving a Renault Clio 2001 fully comp for 520€ per year

unfortunately it is, Martin :-(

Unfortunately yes. There are systems in place though to help youngsters, there is something in the banks about a euro a day for a pemis.