Driving license exchange after Brexit

Yes yes yes! Exactly our experience!

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Calm down dear… now Doris has got his flock wallpaper and rid of Teresa May’s cheapo furniture, he might sign off some sort of deal :slightly_smiling_face:
There again…

I think that particular phrase is one of the most inflammatory things one can say but I imagine it was deliberate :smiley:


Having worked directly for very senior Ministers I have a pretty good idea of how much briefing they are given, and the role of their private office in dealing with it. I imagine his ‘classement vertical’ category is pretty full. There is no way that anybody at his level can read everything, and he will rely on his staff to alert him when needed.

It’s the one PMs use so in context :wink:

The way he treats his civil servants, it’s little wonder they let him stew… but a good Minister will be an accomplished speed reader. Doris is neither.

And to be able to remember what’s been speed read

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and to remember what lies he then told after…

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Yes they are…and the speed at which they can absorb a new brief is remarkable. But they will only read what they want to, or have to in preparation for a meeting/event etc. I doubt whether the plight of several thousand Brits on the other side of the channel will both him - unless of course his father is also stuck in the system :rofl:

Given that Doris’ father Stan hasn’t of late had a good word to say about his wayward offspring, it could well be the very reason he’s done nothing :wink: :rofl:


Got very excited as got an email update of the UK government driving in Europe information page…could this be it? A signed agreement…?

But no, sadly just an amendment that in 3 days time British residents will no longer be legal to drive in the Netherlands unless they have changed their licence.

That’s a shame but at least it’s a lot easier to swap a UK driving license in the Netherlands!

I doubt there is a lack of briefing material available to PM Johnson. It’s just that, from many first-hand accounts, he just can’t be bothered to read it unless he stands to benefit personally.

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I tried at least twice over several years. In the first instance they lost my dossier which included the medical certificate which I had paid for. The most recenct attempt during 2020, which included a fresh medical certificate, was simply refused.
If nothing gives by about July I will seriously consider taking the French test

Despite what I heard during the British Embassy outreach online event two weeks ago The Connexion is reporting in a news email today that no deal has yet been done on driving licences.
Embassy said it was all done “bar the ink drying”, but according to the article this seems far from the position…so who to believe, either wrong reporting or the BE being casual with the truth.
Meanwhile we are caught between rock and hard stone.

This is from the Connexion, I can’t read the whole article as I don’t subscribe,

A Franco-British deal on post-Brexit arrangements for people in France who drive on UK licences should be imminent, says France’s Interior Ministry.

“The post-Brexit negotiations on UK licences should come to a positive conclusion very soon,” a spokesman for the Interior Ministry’s road safety section has told The Connexion.

Soon, as in the same “soon” they said in March? Or the one they said in April? Or perhaps the same “soon” they said last month when it was just down to some legal niceties…?


Doris and his on heat bitch Raab are not helping matters along just now are they with the disrespectful comments about the EU in regards to the NIP so little wonder in my view.

I don’t use Facebook so can’t follow what Karen ? who seems to post D/L news on it…so anybody know the latest position, it seems to have gone very quiet

The latest is that we are still awaiting French ratification of the exchange mechanism.

According to Kim Cranstoun (who runs the Facebook group) this seems to be because of a difference in rights etc appertaining to pre- and post- withdrawal residents.