Driving license exchange after Brexit

I hope the attestation sent originally on application is OK…after all it is OK for the border as there seems to be quite a delay in actual card issue

Yes the MoI has confirmed that the check code can be used providing your licence is still in date, if not then you will need to contact the DVLA for the D737 physical certificate.

I run the Applying for a French Driving Licence FB group what would you like to know as I see a few group posts have been shared already.


Kim - thanks for all the work you’ve done on this subject. I think we’d all have been lost without your efforts.

You probably haven’t seen me pop up on your board as when I joined I read the documents - and I read the updates!

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Hi Brian, yes I have a few lurkers :blush:

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Some people don’t wish to use FB…which is understandable. I have previously shared the content of a post, and then realised my mistake. So now I only ever convey information and don’t copy and paste, so non-FB users aren’t abandoned.

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Hello Kim. Can I add in my appreciation of you as well? Without your expertise we’d be stuffed…
Thanks for the info about the check code - I’ll give that a go once my birth certificate arrives :smiley:

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Hi, thanks for your efforts and also for not ignoring facebook refuseniks!
I’ve got a particular question relevant to my situation which I’ll message you direct rather than fill up this topic.

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Not sure if anyone noticed the piece about driving licences in the latest Lettre Service-Public but if not, here is the information in English



An for once the Uk government says the same thing…

Now there’s a novelty… :rofl:

Did you know France has now changed the format of ID cards?

New ones in new format. They may not be applied for to be renewed until there is 12 months validity left on them.

So similar to us not being allowed to request a French driving licence swop until there is 6 months or less left on our existing driving licence.

However a French ID can be requested to be replaced earlier if it is needed for travel or use within another EU country.

The British Embassy completely ducked the question about if someone’s licence has expired but they have been waiting for a replacement due to be provided by France, is their licence that has expired meanwhile, accepted in other EU countries? UK licence holders resident in France facing these delays have been abandoned as the UK Embassy said “that’s the decision of each other EU country”. Meaning No the British didn’t arrange anything so your [expired] licence won’t be valid in other EU countries.

Wouldn’t it be nice if anyone needing to use their licence in another EU country could apply sooner?

Most of you won’t be concerned by the CNI change though, will you? Only French citizens can have one, it is actually a lot harder to get a CNI than a passport. Even I (genuine French person born French) didn’t have one until I was in my 30s although I had a French passport from birth.


If your UK licence is valid it is accepted in all EU countries as a visitor, there is no requirement to have a French licence.

However an expired card is still an offence in France and the UK and usually in other EU countries, so as this meets the criteria for exchange and licences are being processed reasonably quickly that shouldn’t be an issue now anyway.

an expired licence+attestation of having applied to swap was mentioned at the British Embassy event last week as accepted to drive in France They said ‘should’ also be accepted in the UK too but sounded a lot less certain of that.

The issue is for those whose licences have expired. Not for those whose licences are still valid

The French Attestation de Depot de Permis de Conduire is only valid in France it is a French temporary licence it has no validity anywhere else. Plus the fact when you get this document you must return your licence so you have no physical licence which in itself would stop you from driving in another country and then at some point that UK licence would be cancelled before your French one is issued, there are too many variables to be able to use the ADS in another country.

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@kim Do you know (I’m sure you must) what the situation is with new (or old) contraventions if the UK licence is valid for the next few years? Will the ANTS system accept the requirement to change?
Thanks, Mark

Are you planning on committing an offence or two @MarkyWarky ? I’ve been thinking (re my partner) that if you want to change your UK licence,it might be easier to “lose” it?

Photocard 4b and old original paper licence (both issued before 01.01.21) can be exchanged 6 months before expiry, infractions, lost or stolen and if you have an old original paper licence that is unreadable or falling apart these are exchange critieras, however, 1 point infractions recently have been rejected so you are going to have to commit a 2 or more point traffic offence. However it’s not recommended that you get points or lose a licence, you won’t get a licence any quicker and it will cost you.

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Worth knowing - thank you Kim!

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