Driving license exchange after Brexit

If you have an application in the system you will be processed at some point but as CERT are overwhelmed again with applications it may be a while.

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No test required at 75. However anyone who has a C or D category and has the photocard must have a medical every year at the age of 75.

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If you now have a French photocard licence and a an old paper one, the paper one is no longer valid, it should have been surrendered/destroyed when you got your photocard.

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John, a justificatif de domicile is usually a gas or electricity bill of less than three months which shows that you live there as you’re consuming gas or electricity. My permit has my old adresse in the aveyron on it, we moved from there over 8 years ago but the permit is still valid as the address doesn’t need to be up to date on the old permit. So no, it can be used as ID but not as a justificatif de domicile :wink:

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Thanks Andrew, the problem I have with our EDF facture is because we pay monthly the last invoice is dated October 2020 when the 12 months was regularised.
I visited the notaire today and he has certified my pink license which has my current address on it.
The certified copy is now on it’s way to UK to confirm my address and identity.
We shall see.
Also a notaire will not certify a non French document which would have solved many problems.

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Thanks Kim
I will store it away as a keepsake but for now it has served a purpose. A long story of trying to open a UK bank account which is still ongoing after 5 long months.

On the EDF site you can print out an attestation de domicile from your account, dated today!


Not sure that is correct, a French licence currently is for life…a friend aged 81 has lived here for 16 years has definitely not had to take a test

Yes but an attestation is not acceptable as a document to the bank, it has to be an invoice, for this bank anyway.

You should be able to download your latest bill from your espace client.

I have and it is dated october 2020 when the account was last regularised.
All that exists beyond that is confermation that my monthly payments have been paid.
The next facture will be October 2021.
The attestation is the perfect document for use in France but not for this particular bank in the UK.
They are determined to thwart my application but not as determined as me to succeed.
I have already received an offer of compensation for thier incompetence, which I have refused as a derisory offer, yet as a world bank they still insist on UK focused ideas.

Just wondered if you know latest situation on bank accounts…are they still being closed ?, there was a thread about Barclaycard closing accounts a couple of months ago but nothing added recently.
I recently managed to open a current a/c with Nationwide, but we do have a deposit ac with them , and I used our uk adress, not sure what will happen if we don’t have that.

Not all Banks are closing a/c’s in Europe… some are just not working with certain countries…
check the link… might find it useful

(have you approached Lloyds, who seem happy with France…??)

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I was reading elsewhere that you can’t take a driving test in France if you have a valid licence from another authority. You have to forfeit the old licence to get a provisional license to take the test. No idea how true this is but if you remain keen on Plan B I’d check it out first.

Edit: Le principe d’unicité du permis de conduire. Basically to ensure people don’t take out new provisional licence when their old licence gets filled up with points I guess…

There is actually a reciprocal agreement/protocol - it is the agreement on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU…

Those of us legally resident in France have until the end of 2001 to exchange our driving licences.

Unfortunately French bureaucracy hasn’t worked out how to implement the requirements of the agreement between the UK and the EU27 states. Much the same Fred Karno’s circus as French bureaucracy still hasn’t worked out how to deliver the CdS we are entitled to.

They are arriving for those who applied online. My wife’s arrived 2 weeks ago.

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: Grahame, have you actually put your application in on the on line portal as it has been made clear you need to? I applied 19/10, had my appointment 3 weeks later and had my card on i think the 9/12/20.

Now where did I leave my Tardis…


You are a saint, Tory! He’s the only person on this site who is complaining about/having trouble obtaining his CdS. He has been told so many times and there are so many threads on here with advice that the only conclusion must be that he is now deliberately trolling.
Izzy x



Why would I be questioning the competence of the bureaucracy if we hadn’t submitted our dossiers?

Papers, dozens of pages, delivered in person to our prefecture and put in a “chemise rouge prioritaire”, in front of our very eyes, back in 2019. Called for interview in 2019 but interview cancelled because of the closure of the Prefecture due to Covid-19. We were assured, in person, that our application would be passed into the new system and there would be no need to resubmit the dozens of pages of supporting documentation.

No reply from the individuals dealing with our application, despite several reminders, no reply from the Chef de Service, no reply from the Chef de Bureau. Next stop is Madame la Prefete.

As I said a complete Fred Karno’s.

Grahame Pigney

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