Driving to the Uk with no physical licence

Morning. I sent off my husband’s Uk driving licence to exchange it for a French licence and have received the “ attestation de dépôt de permis de conduire” on the 29th April 2019. Ive just booked flights back to the Uk , in 5 days time, without even thinking he’ll have no physical licence, as we had to send the Uk one off. Can he drive a hire car in the Uk with a copy of his ( in date) Uk licence plus this “attestation”

Pretty certain no - but ask the car hire company and, if by chance it’s positive, get the confirmation in writing before travel.

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My wife and I sent our applications to Nantes on the same day and received our paperwork back at the same time, too.
Sadly, she was in UK at the time, so mine was returned before hers and my French driving licence arrived just days before I was due to go to UK myself - phew!
And now, just days before she is due to go over, my wife’s has arrived! Again, phew!
If your husband has a paper counterpart to his UK driving licence, take that - it’s proof that he has a UK licence - photo card licences are not compulsory.
And check with the hire company beforehand.
And hope that his licence arrives in time.

Thanks both. I’m just about to phone the hire company


Since we are still waiting for our french licences we got international driving permits here in France, which aren’t valid to drive in France but are everywhere else in EU. But took about 10 days so you may not have time.

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This may be too late now, but quite a lot of car hire comps require an online licence check. You set this up obviously online. Here : https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence
They can check the up to date driver info on you. So in theory just a photo copy of licence and maybe passport to help should be sufficient .

Thanks Glenn. I’ve been checking with both broker ( Rental Cars ) and Interent and both say a physical licence is necessary

Oh well, I’ve now cancelled the car hire. Even the Driver Code won’t work for them

How did you do that if I may ask?

Go onto the ANTS site (you have to register) and follow the badly worded instructions. Can do it with a UK or aFrench driving licence.

Link here: and it’s number 3 you want

Thanks all.

We’ve already applied for the French permis de conduire and have sent the Uk licence to them for échange . In fact, I’ve now cancelled the Uk car hire and am taking the train !

Thank you very much.