Driving uk van in France

Hi all.
Any advice welcome here please.
I have recently bought a house in La Celle Dunoise (about 80km north of Limoges.) We have been over for two weeks then had to return to uk, we are coming again on Friday flying from uk, we are familiar now with all the covid side so all good there.
Our furniture has been delivered by removals firm but I am driving it in two weeks time in my van with some other bits so help with the following please…

  • will I need a Crit’Air for my windscreen? Not planning on going in any cities sailing into Caen then heading south to Le Mans, past Tours across to Châteauroux then last little bit on the A20 south. From what I know I don’t think I will need one but not 100%.

  • As far as I’m aware now my UK card driving license is all good now without needing anything else?.

  • Has anyone had recent experience with passing through French customs at the ports especially in a van?. I intend to fill a full stock itinerary in and have two copies, but how stringent are checks if at all?. Is it a case go straight to ‘declare’ items lane, is it then them emptying the van out onto the dock for inspection and vat charges or will they accept your declaration payment and send you on your way.
    Or if I accidentally end up in the ‘nothing to declare’ lane are they just checking and focusing more on covid passport stuff at the moment?.

Hi Rob

sorry no experience of a van - but i frequently drive across calais / Folkestone as i live in france but work in the uk. i have lots of tools and bits in my car all the time.
been stopped many times…always polite, just show my CDS and all proves of residency, plus any bits relating to work etc.

i think a whole van of house bits is rather different though.
it maybe easier to use a courier to take them - but a luton plus man is around £1,500…as we did many of these pre brexit to get everything to our house before the sh** hit the fan…

best of luck