Drought - la Secheresse - WildFires 2022

Yep, that’s the one

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Before la secheresse…

Here comes the storm

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A few hours away yet from here

My :black_cat: is envious. He adores storms, fireworks, the bin lorry even - the noisier the better.

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There’s certainly a heavy feel to the air - but the météo only wants to predict the possibility  of rain here and then only really overnight - not sure it is going to do very much to redress weeks of drought.

The food was very good, chicken in a mushroom sauce with frites, yum!

No rain.

The duo are this pair.

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Great music… got me dancing… I can do The Madison to just about anything… :+1: :rofl:

I wonder whether the exemption applies to football pitches?
I mention this because on Friday morning we went to the Hope charity shop in Confolens.
The football field next to the shop was being watered by several (at least 4) automatic sprays.

The problem is that the ground is so dry it’ll all run off. Drought followed. Y flooding.

All golf holes should be filled with concrete (the BBC should know “cement” is just a powder) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Had some very light rain overnight and having patchy light rain at the moment. Can hear the odd rumble of thunder in the distance.

Due to the local topography and the prevailing winds coming from the SW, the worst of the rain and storms usually bypasses us.

Grey and cool here in 50.

No sign of rain but is very close

That is just Cementics

(borrowed this from elsewhere!)

Studying Civil Engineering at University - we spent a year studying just concrete (fascinating Degree!) so I too get frustrated when people state cement when they mean concrete or mortar.


In the French Press, there was actually a very reasoned/detailed explanation as to why in some areas Prefectures had specifically allowed certain watering times on “the greens” (but not watering the whole kit and caboodle) … if I can find it, I’ll post it here…

2019-2024 Agreement with the Environment Minister re drought situations… that “the greens” can receive minimum watering (and nothing on the fairways…) as the greens die within 3 days without water and the Golf Clubs would have to close (15k employees laid-off) as it takes many months to regrow/reconstitute these specific areas, fit for purpose and enabling the clubs to re-open and employ folk… (slightly garbled resumé…)
It also says that the greens are not watered with “drinking water” but using local (wild) water resources.


there are many other press links… all saying much the same thing.
EDIT: depending on the level of “alert” the water authorised to be used drops from 60% of normal usage to 30% of normal usage… and during certain hours at night…


There is actually nothing to say the protesters did not fill the holes with dry cement and then rely on the moisture from watering to set it.

Concrete is an amalgamation with small-medium stones.

Mortar is another aggregate, typically with sand.

In fact by filling the holes with cement they could claim that the damage (in terms of obliterating the hole) was done by the watering as without it there would just be dry, and easily removed, cement.

Lovely steady rain here in the Clunysois.

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Depending on the Prefecture… watering allowances can be made for certain/specific sporting activities/fixtures
EDIT: I do hope no bright-spark decides to “protest” and sprinkle cement powder/whatever… over the pitch… :roll_eyes:

Lovely lovely rain

The bright dot about 1/5 in from the left and almost 1/2 way from the bottom is a just-landed plane at the end of the runway.


Nice steady rain here….but can’t go out because every single path was closed yesterday! A family arrived in our gîte yesterday for two weeks.

Compte tenu de la propagation importante des incendies dans notre région veuillez trouver, en pièce jointe, l’arrêté de la préfecture du Jura interdisant l’accès du 13 août au 31 août 2022 aux bois et forêts dans les communes du jura sud

La circulation et le stationnement des personnes et des véhicules avec ou sans moteur sont interdits sur :

  • Les pistes forestières
  • Les chemins ruraux
  • Les chemins d’exploitation
  • Les pistes cyclables
  • Et autres sentiers ouverts au public