DRS against KERS

OK, we’re now beginning to get twitchy and I think suffering from withdrawal symptoms as a result of the cancellation (or is it postponement) of the Bahrain Grands Prix. This is supposed to be an exciting season what with the new tyre supplier, the Drag Reduction System (DRS) along with the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) - and yet it’s still not got going…aaaaargh!

Right - rant over.

So, there has been and is still ongoing a lot of speculation as to whether or not the new DRS will make for more overtaking in the races - personally I think … Read More

I hear there is a toss up between using water sprinklers on the courses and getting each driver to come in to the pits and wear a backed out helmet for one lap during the race (KILL system).

As I understand the rules the DRS can only be used between certain white line markers in the overtaking zone approaching corners, i think 2 per lap. They cant use KERS at that point as it world fire them into the barriers. I had a similar conversation with my lad the other day and we think similar to you after 3 races the techies will have got the stratagies sorted with all the new stuff and it will be down to the top boys again. Supporting F1 is like these people that support a football team all their life, you take the ups with the downs and still love it. Last year was ok after a few not so good ones, will we see an improvement this yes for a few races then its anyones guess. And at least we dont have to suffer the Bahrain procession, if one race should be off the calander its that one.