Dry shampoo - advice please

Has anyone had any experience of dry shampoo?

If so, what is the best one to use?

Also, are they all sprays because I would prefer one that is not a spray if possible.


Oh Mandy… that does bring back memories…

Dry shampoo… I used in the 70’s… never got it right… ended up with stodgy stuff in my hair and dandruff to die for…:wink::wink::wink:

I shall be interested to learn if others have been successful …:thinking:

Hopefully, there have been some advances since the 1970’s :laughing::laughing:

You haven’t heard about my attempts with hair colourants in the 60’s… went green… :smiley::joy::rofl:

Oh my goodness, green!!! I’ve only ever highlighted my hair so luckily not had any disasters.

The 1960’s eh? I was a mere twinkle in my Dad’s eye!!! :wink:

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I’ve heard about people using Maizena (corn flour) !

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I really need something that I know will work. I don’t want a roux on hubby’s head :laughing:

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Hi Mandy
Maybe take a look at this advice before you go ‘baking’ on your OH’s head :wink:

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Thanks Ann x