Drying Laundry - Your Tips

Just thought this might be worth its own thread.

We don’t have a tumbledrier… preferring to dry stuff outdoors for the freshair smell and, of course, it’s free… :+1:

However, OH has put up 2 tubular rails to allow us to drip/finish stuff indoors if necessary.

One rail is in our tiny buanderie. Nearly-dry/damp underwear/shirts/whatever is put onto individual hangers and then I go on tiptoe to pop said hangers onto the rail.
Nothing dripping/sopping as the rail passes above the washing machine…
It’s a cosy room and things dry/finish quickly.

The other rail is in the family bathroom. It fits well high-up above the bath… which hasn’t been used for years as we all prefer the shower (at the other end of the room…).
With the bath as a receptor, laundry which will possibly/probably drip… is hung in similar fashion to in the buanderie… but the bath collects any water and off and away it goes down the drain…
Also, I will leave the window open a crack to allow airflow… but I shut the door firmly to keep the damp/draughts out of the rest of the house…

We find this system works well as and when the need arises… but, for us, outside is best of all.

@AngelaR note my comment about drying rail in our buanderie… it works well and might suit your situation.

I always liked these…


Considered putting one in the hangar once but never got round to it.


Mum had something like this… as well as @graham 's airer…

Sort of related… Does anyone know if a Hoovermatic type washing machine can still be sourced? Or even an older tub machine, with or without the wringer.

We use one of these:

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We use the folding metal drying racks from Action.

Put them outside if sunny or stand them in a warm room.

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Looking at houses online, I’ve seen many with clotheslines hung in the attic. :thinking:

If its dry and not too cold stuff goes onto the line outside, if cold and/or wet it goes into the tumble dryer . I dont like drying stuff indoors because of the moisture/condensation and the damp smell .

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I use a small dehumidifier much lower energy consumption than a tumble drier.


We’ve just put one of those up… I’ve always called it a maiden! It works great and is in our kitchen so it gets the heat from cooking as well as the heating!



Not to mention the smells?

An added bonus as my wife’s cooking is fabulous! :laughing:


@KarenLot If you post a photo from Google… of what you’re talking about… we’ll see what folk reckon…

are you seeking a toploader ??

We have an airer rather like the pics @graham and @gideon posted and it was in front of the woodburner and above it (obviously!)

However, we stopped using it for drying clothes as our main room had everything in it,including what passed for a kitchen, and the clothes ended up more than somewhat niffy.

If it it will fit in our new buanderie (when that finally happens), we’ll put it up in there.

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These machines go back to the 50is and early 60is.when all machines were top loader, some times you see them in a house clearance…

I also still see them in my local Leclerc’s for sale. :grin:

Yes, but not like this type (as I remember my mum having)


Oooh you’ve taken me back! Eight year’s old, standing on a footstool in the kitchen turning the handle for Mum, the smell of hot wet clean sheets! I loved it. These days it would be considered child labour. :grin:

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A brilliant piece of kit, seen one used for all of my lifetime. Ours has been in use for over 35 years

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In buanderie and bathroom, Oh has used a metal pole/rail fixed at each side…
such as we have in our wardrobes…
and of course the diameter of the pole/rail is ideal for the plastic clotheshangers which we use to hang our bits and bobs.