Dual nationalty...bits of paper

It seems like a reasonable idea to establish a second nationality, in these dodgy times, since all it needs, apparently, for me, is a few bits of evidence, as in documents, one of which, is my birth certificate …Everyone happy so far, but I need an attestation from France to say Im not French, and they (Ministere de L’intérieur), have asked me for my translated birth cert. I asked if it matters who translates it…a birth certificate is not a complicated document…but no-one replied.
Does anyone know about translated documents? Must I pay for a govt approved translator.,.is there one on SF?

Yes, it does have to be an official translator. I know it seems absurd to have to translate one, but there you are. My aged Mom (now deceased) lived with us here for 3 years and we needed to get a translation of her b.c. done. But hers (1919) was just a scrappy piece of handwritten paper from Huntingdonshire, which does not exist as such now. We did, however, succeed in getting Mum a carte vitale, so it shows it can be done even under extreme situations. If you get a problem regarding the ‘certified copy’ and ‘copie certifie’, google it and you will find you can get a photocopy of a letter issued by the Consulate in Bordeaux that, when sent off with your translation, gets you out of a hole.

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Oh, I forgot to mention… €50 for the translator.

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hahaha! Wonderful! Thank you! I will Google as you suggest…I got my bc, from UK ok…It’s a bit weird because it says on the application form …must have a BC… OR! an ID of some other kind…passport etc…but I am asked to cough up both…must be my immaculate French that made them doubtful…50 quids is not cheap …about a pound per word! You don’t happen to know one, do you?
I had a list from the embassy in Paris, but guess Paris is not the best place to look for the best price…

PS…So sorry about your Mum…


Yellow Pages, ‘Traducteur’.

I used a lady called Prudence, but I’m afraid I can’t remember her surname!



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Each bit of paper. My wife’s bill came to 450€.

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Thar would be Prudence benetar. Shes based in 24, but will do everything via post and email. We found her very efficient and reasonable as to cost.
Hooe this helps.

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Thank you people, I will ask Prudence Benetar for her price.
Your help is appreciated!