Ducks in a row (travel to France May/June)

I’m having the same problem, Paul, my mum celebrates her 80th this summer and unless things change significantly it’s a non starter for me getting over to the UK to see her and the rest of my UK family. We’ve also got a family wedding here in France the same weekend so other half was going to go to that and me to the UK (still not sure who will take the kids and where!). As you say, things are doable but for those of us tied for time with work and other commitments it blows the whole thing out of the water :frowning:

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Yet some friends of ours have just driven here from Sweden - through Denmark and Germany - they did everything properly and had the necessary proofs - but were not checked at any of the borders.
(Tests are free in Sweden, as they are here, by the way. Isn’t it counter-productive to charge for them?)

As far as I can see tests are only free in France if you are plugged into the French health system.

Tests in the UK are free, in fact you can even request lateral flow kits to test regularly at home but these (and NHS PCR tests) are not acceptable for travel. For travel purposes you must use a commercial supplier (and it’s a fixed list of acceptable suppliers for the 2 tests on return to the UK).

Is it counter-productive? That depends on how much you want to dissuade people from travelling.

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Yes - this is true of all medical treatment in France, I think (and the UK - though often not carried through in the UK because of its ‘free at the point of use’ system).

But what’s the difference between the test acceptable for travel and any other test?
If it’s just a fiscal device to cut down travel, then it speaks volumes about the UK approach: only the relatively well-off can travel, the plebs have to stay at home!


Unfortunately it would seem that the safest option is to postpone trips if it can be done. I have some Dutch friends who were supposed to come over early June and they have pushed back to mid July to avoid all the hassle. (Here’s hoping that by then everything will easier).
Likewise I was supposed to travel to Holland mid June and with the current quarantine rules it’s just not worth it, as I would use pretty much all my remaining annuel leave to cover it.

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Pretty much, although the official reason is probably to stop the NHS being swamped by demand for tests.

This makes me wonder why, If the NHS carried out tests for travelling, they would enhance their database of whos travelled and make some money for the NHS instead of handing it to private companies.

Yes, but it would not make money for BJ’s chums.

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Is there any easy way to confirm if someone can come to visit houses to buy under the S. Johnson loophole ?
Someone contacted me saying they’d arranged to see houses, arranged through a British immo here.
They have train tickets reserved, accommodation confirmed, tests booked UK side & are booking a local PCR test for once they are here.
Their stay will last fromWednesday to Sunday…
They’ve been told to expect a 5 - 10 day isolation period upon return…despite being vaccinated.

If they have some confirmation from the immobilier then, theoretically, they are OK.

On return they will have to self-isolate for 10 days, with a test on day 2 and day 8 - if they have any money left after booking all the other tests they can take a separate test on day 5 to get out of quarantine early.

My own trip is definitely off, France confirmed as “amber” and no review for 3 weeks so that’s me scuppered on the quarantine unless I take additional annual or unpaid leave to cover the 10 days - which just isn’t worth it (by July I might have changed my mind on that one if France is not on the “green” list).

Thank you Paul

Another question has arisen…

The number of tests…
1 to leave UK
1 in France to return to UK
2 when back in UK

Is that correct ?


There is a requirement to re-test on day 7 in France but they won’t be in the country that long.

The 2 on return to the UK (day 2+8) need to be pre-booked (not sure if that is before you leave the UK). There is a specific list of suppliers.

Thank’s again Paul

Matt Handcoks sister for the 1st test and Boris’s old school chum for the 2nd.
Hopefully the need to test will be scrapped shortly for those with 2 jabs recorded.


Randox is apparently amongst the cheapest on the ripoff-MP’s-friend mandatory supplier list for the days 2&8 PCR test pack you must prove you ordered and prepaid when you pass through Immigration back to the UK.

Randox apparently efficient and £120 per person unlike the going rate of around £200 for two tests practised by many early appearing suppliers on the governnent list. Just keep scrolling there’s not just the first page.

Ok…for picking reliable and mostly not the most expensive suppliers for covid testing off the government list, following recommendations from a group of people that have used them:

Randox, Doctap, Testingforall recommended.

Qured, from 12th May they are expected to offer a 3-pack - your test for coming back plus Days 2 & 8

Rightangled is recommended

Bettertoknow a bit more expensive but recommended ( not sure if they be are on govt list for the Day 2/8 pack)

negative comment seen about Nowtest. Not sure why but apparently some suppliers on the govt list have not provided results on time even some £200 suppliers

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Because 2 weeks ago they were running completely different business but got tipped the wink.
Still looks like the uk would prefer sleazy underhand immoral MP’s.

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