Duh? Help me to catch up

I hope everyone is okay. I can’t remember when I was last on this site? Life gets way too busy.

I am struggling to comprehend the new lockdown.
Where do I even find the attestation form again? Is it the same as before?
Are people allowed to move house during this lockdown?
Can I go to collect a car, which is essential?
And is international travel banned?

The forms are available through the Tous Anti-Covid19 smartphone app, or else via the government’s website

Yes, you are allowed to move house, but the removal company needs to provide you with an attestation. I’m not sure what kind of attestation you would use if you moving house on your own (or with friends, etc).
Yes, you can collect a car from a car sales establishment. They will appoint a time and place for pick up and ensure the strict health protocol is applied. You will not be able to move about within the car showroom though (this very question was asked on France Info this morning).
International travel is not banned, but it is strictly monitored. In some cases, depending on where you are entering or leaving the country, and your destination, you will be either subjected to an antigen test (entry via French airports) or else may have to provide a negative RT-PCR test that is not more than 72hours old.

Thank you, that is wonderfully clear and precise. Just what I need when I am so muddleheaded.

Oh, and is there a ban on bikes for exercise again?

Full details here… https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus


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Thanks Joyce. That is designed for people like me who can’t really take everything in at the moment. Ideal.

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What do people without internet do? Would there be forms at the Mairie?

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Our supermarkets had stacks of them last time, I was impressed. I guess the Mairie will have them.
Last time you could also write a letter of attestation - if your French was up to it.

Good to know, as some of our rural acquaintances didn’t have internet. Is all the info available by radio or TV?

Ooh, I’m not sure actually, I barely use radio or tv myself. I remember this last time, some friends had a neighbour who had no technology at all, and they printed forms off for her.

My point was, how would they know what to do unless there was info on the radio or TV. Hopefully friends would tell them.

It isn’t an easy situation. Thankfully the French are good communicators, good talkers, and generally good neighbours. My friends helped their neighbour, and hopefully most people are helping each other. But it is a good question and one that many people asked the first time around. I seem to recall getting a text about the situation when it started but not everyone has a mobile, so I’m not sure.
I guess it would be on the news, in fact definitely.

for the moment we’re still allowed out on the bike but only within a 1km radius of home (so round and round in circles) and for 1 hour max with your attestation duly signed :wink:

But I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes…

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The main news channels (BFMTV, France Info, and I imagine the JT 20H of TF1 and France 2)) repeatedly list the main DOs and DONTs.
As France Info is also broadcast via FM, I imagine that the main points are also available from France Inter, and other radio stations, albeit in more succinct format.


Good to know. I am not very good at this kilometre thing at all but I can’t walk far, I rely on my bike as I can bike but not walk. I have to bike to go and collect the car.

We just picked up paper attestations at the Marie where we are on holiday as OH’s phone is not very smart and we have no laptop/printer with us.

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If you’re using the bike to go shopping or any other reason (i.e. as a means of transport not sport) then the 1km doesn’t apply :wink:

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People are being bombarded with info, there are posters, it is on radio, on TV, and in person. I saw a local maire visiting people yesterday to check they were informed.


Isn’t it great when the Mairie and Mayor care enough to make sure isolated people know what is happening? It is heartwarming. Ours is sadly seldom seen and they do not answer messages, ever!

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