DWP No Hope!

Hi Everyone!

My wife as been emailing the DWP asking the question, would it be possible to obtain a prescription from a GP in the UK when we visit friends and family if she runs out of her medication that she has to take. We are planning a 3 month trip to the UK and our French doctor will only give her 1 months supply so she will need to obtain a prescription whilst in the UK?

24 days ago she emailed the DWP for an answer, 11 days after sending her email she got a reply telling her she had sent her email to the wrong dept and she should send the email to the DWP Overseas Health Dept and 13 days later she received the following answer:

Thank you for your e mail dated 29/08/13.

Unfortunately I cannot give you an answer, but can suggest a couple of avenues which may help you.

The NHS Choices website may be of some help or a French equivalent. The e mail below is for the UK NHS England website.


You could also telephone our help line 0191 2181999, they may be in a better position to give advice.

You have no hope once you leave the UK!!

Hi Irene,

Thanks for your comments and advice.

My wife did contact the Overseas Health Care Team.