DWP thinks I live in Italy - anyone else had one of these?

This morning I received a letter, nominally sent by the British Embassy in Rome but actually, I suspect from DWP entitled -
UK Transition Period: A message for UK nationals living in Italy
It goes on to explain what I need o do to survive the year end in Italy. It was sent direct to my French address.
Am I just especially favoured by this rather bizarre communication or have others had one too?


File it… :wink:

ask them to pay you your winter fuel payment and see their response :rofl:


I did think that perhaps they’d done a bulk mis-mailing but perhaps not if no-one else with an Si has had one yet… I wonder if my curiosity is sufficient to get round to ringing up and asking :thinking:

You maybe should! Although after the most amazing 5 days in Puglia last October (19) I’d have a bit of that :rofl: :rofl:

Very wasteful. They should have one letter for the whole of the EU with “A message for UK nationals living in …(fill in the country here)”.