Dying intestate in UK with property in France

Anyone experience of this situation ??

What documents or paperwork the Notaire might call for if someone wishes to stake a claim to French Property when the owner has not made a Will ??

This is not an idle enquiry… I could do with some pointers… please.

and yes, I have read the French Gov sites on this… just hope to find someone who has been through this… before seeing the Notaire…

I don’t think “staking a claim” comes into it, does it? By default the estate goes to the “reserved heirs”. If there are no reserved heirs then it is offered to more distant blood relatives. If there are no relatives at all then it goes to the State.
It’s the notaire’s job to track down and contact the relatives.
Non relatives have no claim, even a long-term cohabiting partner cannot inherit if there is no official relationship ie marriage or pacs, and no will naming them as heir.
The relatives will be required to prove their relationship via birth certificates, ID etc.

Thanks Anna… sorry not made myself clear… UK Resident with property in France…dies intestate in UK… and now Notaire has become involved.

May well be that this has not cropped up with Forum members before…just trying to think ahead…:wink:

As far as the French property is concerned I don’t see it would make any difference. In the absence of any will, the French property would be dealt with by the notaire in accordance with French succession law, regardless of whether the proprietor was resident in France or not.

Well, I’ll keep you posted…over the next few weeks. It should be an interesting affair…

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