Avery down to earth start to the week on this wet and thoroughly miserable morning....does anyone know of anyone who repairs dyson cleaners???? Mine has died on me, and with 5 long haired dogs I am starting to drown in fur......help please!!

Yep I spoke to Dyson uk and the cost of getting it there and back is almost a new one....no it isnt hair, even with 5 dogs and me(I have long fur too) there was ths ominous clang from a motor somewhere, I suspect the bit that turns the brushes got a stone in it, you know the little horrors off the drive......I'm not technically minded or I'd ha vea go, nothing to loose!

No Chris, our DC08 is an original from when they were new. It has been repaired twice when it appeared not just dead but buried.

I'm afraid my experience of Dysons if that once they die, they stay dead! Buy a Vax next time: just as efficient and one-third of the price.

Annie, e-mail them for advice: askdyson@dyson.co.uk

might sound daft but are there long hairs trapped around the brushes? My hair is long and when mine broke it was because the hairs were stuck wedging it from turning. Having said that, our last one didn't survive the builders so last time we went back to France from the UK we bought a new one on Amazon UK and took it back with us - 120 euro cheaper than on Amazon France.

Jammed like ours was, but quite repairable...

Thank you guys! I have dysons for years and change/ clean filters constantly, no this time the brushes dont turn but the belt is fine............there was a nasty motor type clac and no more brushes, found a greqt site on ebay for reconditioned ones but they dont ship to france.........no doubt I will come up for air soon!!

I'll second that. Used them for loads of stuff in the UK and a bit since, still get e-mails as an 'account holder' in fact. In fact, their filters were at one stage far cheaper than any shops, Amazon or anybody else and at one time they had a three for two for the DC08 filters at not much more than the price of one at Currys near us.

We've used this site previously and found them v good


Most models actually have two filters, the round sponge type one in the DC08 for instance, but there is one more hidden and you need the manual to find it. But yes, very good point Catharine that you point that out. If you really want/need to look for the repairer, I forgot to say before that if you go to the Dyson site and search that is where you will find their agents. I am also bearing in mind our motor jammed two years ago in since then maybe there is somebody closer now.

Is it completely dead? Because if not and it is just the filter or the motor filter (?) which can really affect performance, you can get the parts and try a DIY job.

Knowing you are not so far from us Annie, the answer is that when our DC08 'died' in 2010 we finally had some friends who were driving to London (to shop, wise French folk!) take it to my sister who had it repaired by a registered Dyson repairer then shipped to us. A) there seems to be nobody in and around Bergerac and B) the one we found in Bordeaux gave us an estimate close to the price of a new one through Amazon UK! We fortunately have a DC33 as well, so did not drown in cat and dog hair!