E books versus paper books

I have a kindle. It is very useful. I rarely use it in the home; only when I'm holidaying, visiting family, and long boring car journeys.

I love CS Forester and his Hornblower books. Recently I bought a thriller by him 'Payment Deferred' a proper paper book published in 1926. And I'd recommend it. Good sometimes to read the oldies rather than think everything has got to be the latest pop piece of fiction. On that point I hear Dan Brown is having a new novel out in May. God help us.

Back to CS Forester. After reading 'Payment Deferred' I looked at what else he'd written beyond the Hornblower series. I was thrilled to read that a collection of Hornblower short stories was published in 2011. These stories had only ever been found in magazines before. I immediately went straight onto Amazon to purchase myself a copy. Not in book paper form only as an e book. I don't want it like that. I want the book, a real book to stand proudly, as an admiral might, by my other Hornblower books.


That's excellent, I look forward to reading it.

Thank you.


Hi Glyn

I carefully avoided the title - 'A Mole in the Hand'. Below is UK Amazon link


Gift copy in the pipeline from smashwords - download the .mobi version for your Kindle.


To you and Lucy I would have to agree. There are books that I just want to read and not pay a great deal of money for. (Though the Hornblower books on kindle are expensive.)

Roger, I have also published on kindle. I have a 'real' contract with two publishers and an agent but it's not all it's cracked up to be. An author at the Literary Festival I organised last year said to me that if he self published he would make more money.

Roger, as far as I'm concerned your at liberty to 'advertise' here. We sell precious few books as it is. I've just searched you on Amazon and nothing came up. You need to write in the full link.

Roger, I would love to have a copy of your book on my kindle to review it. How do we go about that? You could just send me a file as a word doc and I can transfer it to mobi. My email is gjpopeuk(at)gmail.com


Hi Glyn

Having just published my first ebook on www.smashwords.com and www.amazon.com & www.amazon.co.uk and with sales available in Apple's iBookstore, Diesel ebooks, Kobo ebooks and Barnes & Noble, I'm biased of course! But, I reckon publishing in this way has given me much greater access to far more potential customers Worldwide than could ever have been the case had I managed to persuade a print publisher to run with it. Now I've got to work hard to persuade readers to buy!! I'm also biased in believing the book is worth a read, so Glyn, if you could be interested in reading my effort, and maybe posting a review, I would be happy to supply a gift copy for your Kindle.

Roger Boaden

Hi Glyn

I know what you mean! I have a Kindle - and I do use it a lot. I even use it at home! I have found it to be a good way to try authors that I perhaps wouldn't otherwise buy!! But, like you, I still prefer "real" books! I don't mind trying a new author on the Kindle, but when I already have "proper" copies of an author's books I somehow prefer to have another "proper" book to keep with the others! I am sure it isn't very logical - but that is how I feel!

Also - once or twice I have had issues with a book not downloading properly - and I find it INCREDIBLY frustrating that it isn't easy to sort that out!