E-cigarettes - harmful or helpful

I would undoubtedly be better without it, but I breath better than I did when on yer actual fags. :neutral_face:

Cold turkey is best… been of the fags now for 30 years…
Positive Mental Attitude did it for me… none of these nandy pandy solutions.

Stoppin’ is no problem, done it ‘eaps of times Graham!
The hard bit,
Is stoppin’ startin’ agin!

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Ah yes Bill, I had the same problem.

What did it for me was having a packet of cigarettes on the kitchen window ledge with a box of matches, When the desire to have one became too compelling, I walked over to the kitchen (not my normal domain I have to say lol) and by the time I had picked up the packet (which was still sealed) I had thought to myself ‘this is crazy’ and put them down again.

One day turned into 2 and so on and so forth.

The biggest difficulty was with work colleagues/friends who knew I smoked offering me one (to catch me out I guess). Instead of saying ‘no, I’m giving up’ (which would given them the opportunity to test my determination) I just said ‘no, I don’t smoke thanks’. They soon got the message (as I did) and the rest, they say is history!

I guess I was helped by the fact that my wife never smoked and my young son (now 40) asked me the poignant question ‘why do you smoke daddy?’
I must confess that was a difficult question to answer…

I used the same principle again after I had a stroke in relation to alcohol, The Doctor told me I needed to change my lifestyle so rather than just try slowing down on the alcohol (which I think he meant) I gave it up altogether (just like I did with the fags) and now, 3 years on, I haven’t touch a drop, your worrrship… hic


Bravo Graham, well done!
Haven’t had a fag for years, but not blasé.
Stopped when the kids were young, gave up for 8yrs and started again. :expressionless:
If I knew I was going ‘to turn me toes up’ next week I would be off out for a pack’ of ‘Gitanes’, maybe a carton :+1:

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I stopped smoking many years ago now but it took several goes. One time I stopped for four years and started again. So stupid in hindsight.

I’ve read that tobacco is more addictive than heroin which is why it’s so hard to stop. I don’t think the craving ever really goes away.

My hubby is dying of COPD and seeing his suffering is enough to put me off smoking ever again. However people manage to do it they need to stop. In my view there is no “namby pamby” way just the way that’s best for each person.


Spot on Mandy! and Kind Regards :heart:

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Thanks Bill.

I said namby pamby because that’s what I perceive these solutions as Mandy but in essence, I don’t disagree with your sentiments. Whatever works for you, go for it!
My personal view is that patches and vaping are cop-outs. Controversial I know but in the case of patches, I’ve seen patch wearers taking a few drags and as for vaping, who knows what continuing damage is being done.
They say its safe but only time will tell… They said smoking cigarettes was safe - once!
Personally, as I said in my earlier post, cold turkey worked for me on both smoking and alcohol but perhaps that’s just that I’m a strong determined and stubborn barsteward…
Well, that;s how Vanessa describes me, anyway :blush:

I went cold turkey as well but hubby needed tablets, gum and an inhalator before he managed it. Does that make me “strong” and him weak?

Sorry Mandy, not going to bite on that one.
Methinks your question has mischievous intent…

Humans are sadly not equal regarding addiction.


there is only one thing worse than a strong determined and stubborn barsteward…. and that is a strong determined and stubborn barsteward who doesn’t smoke or drink…WELL DONE


13 years ago I found myself in the pharmacie rather than the tabac, asking for extra strong patches. Went to a party, smoked the last of my fags (Camel), slapped a patch on, had a couple of spliffs, a few shots of absinthe and proceeded to hallucinate all night. Cut the patches in half, too strong - eventually used a tiny strip each day. Never smoked since. OH tried the e cig 5 years ago, said it gave her a sore throat, but she stopped anyway.


Had a similar reaction with the patches Mark. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No, Mandy, you have a very sound insight into human nature, and recognise our complexity, our contradictions, and that we combine weaknesses and strengths, neither of which are particularly stable, and vary with changing circumstances.

You are a reasonable and generous contributor to SFN in my book, so thanks. :blush:


Seconded Pete !

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That’s very kind of you to say so Pete and you Bill.

Experts are so often at loggerheads… and then the MP’s join in… :zipper_mouth_face: