E-cigarettes - risky or not? 2019

A year since we last discussed smoking (whatever form)

This is the latest from the World Health Org.

anyone any other updates or thoughts …

I know very little about smoking. I do wonder if we’ll see more mouth cancers as I understand they get quite warm.

or :exploding_head: as they have a tendency to self ignite…
You have to wonder at the wisdom of allowing tobacco manufacturers the licence to peddle these devices.
Self interest, or what?

I thought the e-cigs were offered as a “simple/safe” alternative to wean folk off of cigarettes… and I suspect that others thought similarly.

However, there would seem to be no simple/safe alternative - other than stopping altogether.

I used them to stop smoking, I don’t mind the distant smell of a cigarette, but I have never wanted to light one up for nearly 3 years, I feel a lot healthier and don’t get the terrible cough and chest pains whenever I have a cold.


Great - it did work for you.

Some Youngsters seem to go straight to e-cigs; missing-out the tobacco stage altogether - and I find that rather worrying.

I think if they are used as an aid to wean people off cigarettes then they are a good idea. However, I know several people who have ‘vapped’ for several years and have no intention of giving up. I personally feel that filling your lungs with perfumed steam can’t be good for you but only time will tell how damaging vapping may prove to be.


They are safer but nothing like that can be safe. The idea was never for their long term use but to help quit cigarettes. As Stella says there is an issue with people starting on them not cigarettes

I don’t see why it is more sinister or surprising for people to vape instead of smoking actual cigarettes - they are freely available, not on prescription, flavoured with all sorts of things designed to appeal to children etc so what do people expect. You can’t have it both ways.
Nobody crashed their car or committed any major/minor delinquency because they vaped or smoked too much tobacco.
People can do what they like (and I say this as a non-smoker).

I disagree, the idea was to make money.


You are probably right about the money making, but I was talking in terms of long term usage

Long-term usage of tobacco, alcohol, OTC drugs, junk food, sunbeds etc is rampant and generally accepted even if people are twitchy about some of them, so there is absolutely no reason why vaping should be any different, there may be some do-good pretext but that is all it is.
If society were really worried about the bad effects of any of these things people would vote with their purses.


I must admit to be surprised at the cost of these things. Hearing how things are tough everywhere, folk don’t have enough money etc etc - yet (as ever) it’s what I would call the rubbish-stuff that some folk spend their money on. Fair enough, their choice -but it is sad.

I prefer to spend my money on decent food - but that’s my choice :relaxed::relaxed:


I agree Stella - but I have given up being surprised, because people will always find it necessary to spend money on rubbish and then find ways of justifying it while moaning about being skint. Up to them really.

What I find difficult to accept is that these e-cigs where “supposed” to be safe :roll_eyes::thinking::zipper_mouth_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Supposed to be safe, pfff, what does that even mean, they are probably less bad for your lungs than living in Beijing.


:thinking: I’m sure the govt were recommending/backing them as a “safe” way to cut down/stop.

But I may be wrong… :upside_down_face::wink::thinking::zipper_mouth_face:

Yes because less unsafe than smoking real combustible cigarettes and cigars - but that is like saying measles is safer than cholera, statistically true but they are both undesirable.

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I believe there is something chemical in e cigarettes that causes something called “popcorn lung”.

I googled ‘popcorn lung’.

Just passed my 40th Anniversary of stopping smoking! That was from a high of forty a day 120mm size.

Stopped stone cold, when fags went past $A2 a packet! Sounds crazy but it is true. Even though a reasonably high earner at the time, the maths just got stupid. I was staggered to see how much cigarettes are today, and with people complaining about how poor they are. I was talking to friend on Skype the other day and he was smoking one of these things and every few seconds he vanished - literally in a cloud of smoke!

Talking crazy money anyone see that report about Bale yesterday?

No wonder young blokes can’t see the value of ‘getting a job’ and would prefer to kick a football in the hopes of…? Who can blame them? Who can afford the cost of a Membership of a Football Club?
The world really has gone mad.