Early neutering in cats

Chats du Quercy, like Cats protection are very aware that cats are often neutered too late in life when they have already produced at least one litter of kittens.

We have been pushing early neutering in cats for years and recommend that pet cats are neutered at four months of age or younger, before they start puberty, to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

We are excited to see that Cats protection are really taking this policy a step further!

Here is their recent, superbly put together video


Please pass it around!!

There are some very responsible communes out there Julia and it's good to hear that you have one.

Most of the time it is down to shear determination and not giving up in persuading some Mairies to act, and in the right manner.

Don't forget that your cats can and should be neutered from 3 months of age, find a good vet who is competent in doing this as not all have the know how.

Best wishes

Hi, The Mairie in our village gives vouchers to have alley cats neutered and thats how we will get our two done. We are over run by cats in this village, our last appart, furnished, was full of fleas and soon after our arrival we found that we had scapies. It was very expensive and difficult to treat. The landlady was English and didn't want to get a very fertile female neutered because she didn't " Like her very much" This poor cat had litter after litter and her daughter had her kittens under our bed, we found them homes, by the way.

Sounds like you really are between a rock and a hard place Julie and I wish I could give you a magic solution, but you could probably teach us a thing or two!!

I do really feel for you, if ever you want to have a rant and rave at someone, feel free - you have our contact details!

Can I play devils advocate Julie and ask why you must feed him?
Argueably the cats are there becasue they find a food source, try feeding them further away and reduce their food over a period of weeks to encourage them to hunt, as if you do move, what will happen to them then.

It is also a sad fact that feeding feral colonies encourages them to reproduce more as they are healthier and more able to produce bigger litters - catch 22 I know!

I agree with Melissa, but better still contact your local DDSV, as this may have become not just a cat overpopulation problem but a potential environmental health problem too.

If you need a hand (I doubt as I know you are more than capable!) don't hesitate to contact us to add weight to your claim.

The fondation assistance aux animaux also have inspecteurs who may be of help.

Julie, I am so upset and angry for you. Here's a wild suggestion - let's get 30 Million d'Amis involved. Let's draft a letter right away and send it with copies to local SPAs, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, and I'll bet we can come up with other names too.

I'm willing to be your secretary, cover mailing costs, anything I can do from the Limoges office.

Thanks Johnny, it is a super video.

Julie, can you talk to your neighbour and if they are not willing, get some help from an association or SPA, and with the neighbours agreement of course, take them for neutering yourself?

It is horrendous, not only for your cats, but obviously the health of this colony is also at risk if they inter-breed.

Don't forget Chats du Quercy can supply info in french to your vet or your neighbour concerning the benefits of neutering and of early age neutering. Just drop us an email on chatsduquercy@gmail.com

Hi Norah,

The pill is terrible! apart from being very inefficient even if you can guarentee that the cat has taken it, given over a prolonged period it increases the risks of cancer, tumours, diabetes and practically, if you look at the cost, it costs more long-term than just getting the cat neutered!

Most vets when asked will neuter and accept several cheques, so spreading the cost.

As for size - it does matter, but as far as I am aware, a cat can be neutered if over one kilo in weight, a healthy kitten should be this weight (at least) from 8 weeks of age.

Great video. Oh yes, it should be translated into French. Why oh why do vets here leave it too late to neuter. I had to lie about Toby's age - only by a couple of months but he was nearly 7 months old then anyway!! In the UK my cats were always done at around 5.5 months old. My sister in law thinks it is because cats here are small and many are under-weight (her vet always asks what weight the cat is). Do you think that is the case? Also I am alarmed at the number of people in France (English as well as French) who have their cats on the pill. Is this not bad for them?

Thank you so much for sharing this. Such an excellent video and what a heart-lift to see so many smart, competent people taking care of the animals. I liked the comment that it should be translated into French.