Early Onset Dementia


Just a bad dose of ceti eels I think, life has never been the same since the armus got Tasha, and now with a ceti crawling in James' ear, wrapping itself around his cerebral cortex and setting up home and making him susceptible to persuasion to include this in Network Daily Update...

don't go there Brian

trouble with klingons?

Beam me up Ronnie!

Huston we have a problem

Reckon James is in line for this chat too since he put it in the Network Daily Update today.

Dear Mr Norwich, so that is why my Blackblobby twittered at me. Fortunately my sis-in-law is driving otherwise I'd be in the canal or Dordogne which are either side of me by now. lol.



Michelle just Blackburied me to ask why I wasn't speaking to you! lol

itchy 'n scratchy!

Actually My Aunts have piles... but there are Limits

What those diet biscuits?

I'm not speaking to you anymore Brian!

it's not a chat room, it's meant to be a serious conversation about Memory Loss, Dementia... and the other thing that escapes me for the minute. I'm flitting about like a fly that's been sat in an ink well.. just got back from the Apotheke with some glue to stick me bridge back in!! just hung out of the window the light grey 'travelling' trousers that Sarah spilled coffee on...gotta pack, tank up... print out tickets... dry the Jacket which means driving round Krefeld with it flapping oot the windy.

Dagmar doesn't have a dryer 'save the planet' still got to visit the aunts...and buy some Pants for the journey ... Luckily 'Pants sind Wir' are open till 20.00 hrs...

anyway waddya mean Chatroom? What have you been up to???

Love Whassisname ( where's me name-tag .. it's a good un...what Guten Tag? )

PS Norwich

thank goodness I have to go to collect my children back from their school trip to the sea (unless they all drowned), so bye-bye for now.

ok dear your making me chuckle to, i thought this was for a photo mag, not the chat room

ahem, you!

does what... what are you all talking about.?

who started this thread?

oh dear, don't think your OH is going to talk to me anymore, shout in CAPITAL letters probably, for taking away his chuckle concession.

you're flirting