Early Retirees

My husband and I moved out to France in December 2014. We are early retirees and won’t be in receipt of any UK pensions for about five years. We know that we need to have private health insurance for that time, as we can no longer get form S1s from England ( these stopped being issued in July 2014.) However I have heard that we still need to register at the CPAM. Today, we went to Auch to do this, but were advised there that we cannot register with them, if we do not have the S1s. Anybody else in a similar boat, or know anymore about this?

Hi Linda,
No idea if this will help but have had same problem for husband (61yrs young!) I phoned UK again and was lucky enough to have a helpful fellow who sent declarations to state we are not entitled to S1 and being french resident will not receive reimbursement of treatments (e111 no good apparently!) Form nos DL1067a Englishcopy DL1067F french copy. I phoned 0044191 21 81999
Good luck!

Our S1 ended in Jan,we asked Newcastle for a letter.They sent two.One in English for us,the other in French for Cpam.

Hello Linda. I was in the same situ re S1. As John suggested, phone up Newcastle and ask for them to send you a letter of rejection. This what CPAM peeps need. Newcastle are well versed in this request and they will send you out a standard letter to cover the rejection.

I would contact the DWP in Newcastle i believe there is a short life S1 that may be issued other than that i think you can apply for CMU after you have been in France as permanent resident after 3 months if all else fails its private health care until you reach retirement age then you can go to CPAM but still require top up insurance to cover everything . Its a bit of a mine field for early retirees unless you can get a job then you fall into the French health system