Earning extra money as a UK retired immigrant

Hello. I would like to earn a small income online as a digital designer. I have an S1 and UK pensions. Would setting up as an entrepreneur cause complications with my tax and health insurance and just be too much faff? I would love to hear from anyone who has been down this rout. Many thanks in advance. TIM

Others will correct me if this is no longer the case, but when I first moved here I was just finishing up being a self employed consultant in the UK, and I just declared my (tiny) earnings on the tax return. Because clients were UK based I didn’t need french insurance or anything. And was paying for healthcare through URSAFF contributions.

This is an explanation I found that suggests this still possible, but probably worth popping into your local tax office to double check.

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Thanks so much for this Jane. I think a trip to the tax office is called for - they are helpful here.

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