Earth without Art is just "eh?"

A simple phrase scratched on a Subway wall. I saw the pic flash past my FaceBook feed and knabbed it quicker than a Chameleon's tongue. ( please don't click the link, it's utterly disgusting.... you have been warned! )

I love the sentiment in the phrase, as in a few words, it succinctly infers that the creation, and admiration of Art is a trait which pairs us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Weeeell, maybe it doesn't quite suggest that, but there is more than a touch of 'I think therefore I am' about it. See Think Tank for debates.

Um, you don't get squirrels gnawing that sort of 'statement' into tree bark.... or marking their nuts with it. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Do animals create? Or do they admire Art, creativity? Does yer Dolphin, who's just done a Flick Flack through a hoop ( backwards, yeah? ) grabs a fish on the way down, perfect no splash re-entry, then does that 'backwards-swimming-on-the-tail-making-that-ghastly-racket-that-some-people-can-immitate-but-they-are-wierdos-noise'.

How you you know that he's not thinking to himself' "Yues! 'ave it!"

Or when the spider finishes that last thread, does she step back and go "hmmm, that's quite neat!" Or does the male Peacock when he fans out that spendour, think "Gue on, cop a loada that! lookutter shine on 'at!" or is he perhaps merely thinking, Chr*st I need a shag!?"

C'mon. Horses that can paint pictures, huh? think about it. How de WE know that Mr. Ed is not thinking "yes there is an underlying mood the Cobhalt allows me to achieve, which I explore to the full"

There's yer Monkies,... yer nest builders and so on. What about these guys... how do you know that they're not thinking " wohey what a great boat trip"...if they weren't dead.

I believe that animals create art, the birds Twitter for example, and appreciate it too.

What do YOU think?

hi Mirela,

you must get a pet.

I'll Skype you guys, we are in the UK during Xmas. love to see you.

This is very interesting Ron, made me think... if I had a pet I would try it out with paint and see what the outcome will be

I can’t muck around in here Julie, I’m trying to bring My Battle of the Breakfasts up.

oops non smiley

did you see the last F*rt graphic…poor graphix, but I’m quick, huh?


might call for a graphic on that one! I seem to be weighed down with farts at the moment.

could be nams as in
nam myo ho renge kio
nam myo ho renge kio
nam myo ho renge kio

it’s Man’s isn’t it?

aha Julie?
Are you trying to riddle me?

I will accept that challenge, gimme 5 and I’ll try to work it out with a crayon… ooof

I knew it Julie you ARE a Medium... I'm more of an XXXL

But this sort of thing is happening to me all the time ( -space continuum ) right now.

Now that, Julie Whittle, is very very clever.

I hankyioaw

Hi Carol Ann, Michelle has logged off, she is doing ...Housework?... dunno it's some sort of hobby, I don't get involved. She has just bellowed..."we're on our way!"

you are most welcome Michelle, Barcelona, is a lovely city full of art and parks,with tree line streets as is Vera here in the south, however Barcelona is some 6 hour drive north form us, which is why the weather is a lot warmer, our winters are like English summers.

Carol Ann. Thanks for helping out on that college problem. he was getting a bit stressed with it. It seems to be sorted now though.

our kids loved Sitges, we stayed there with friends, great for visiting Barcelona, Ron and the girls love art. But Sitges is very expensive.

yes my villa is in a small urban area within a rural setting situated in a very sought after position in quiet area over looking Desert Springs Golf course, Costa Almeria Spain.

hello Carol Ann, Ron speaks very highly of you, you helped so much on his college project. He showed me your house once, it's lovely. Our kids would love a swimming pool. My daughter is learning Spanish, she's very good, but she is good at languages anyway. We have friends in Sitges, is that near you?

that's the one! it is astounding.

It looks very verdant there Carol Ann? I would have thought it was drier.