Earthquake.. did the earth move for you last night?

I imagine this would have been quite frightening… or disconcerting to say the least… are any of you in the area ?

Wife says the earth moved for her but I slept through it which apparently is the norm.


Well done Tim… I just knew there was someone out there with my sense of humour… :rofl:

This is a great website for tracking world volcano and earthquake activity, in case you hadn’t already known of this:

The above link takes you to the info on the quake in the Vendee France that’s the topic here. There are a number of ‘I felt it’ comments there, too.

(For the last few years, I’ve tried to keep track of the world’s volanic eruptions in particular Mt. Etna and Vesuvius. I’m saving up for a trip to visit a volcano someday.)

For an unmissable affordable experience there’s always this,

We camped there once when I was a child. Unexpected and fascinating.

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There was an earthquake on the same scale in the south west of England last week.