Easy to use CMS for a HTML novice.....Found something interesting ...anyone else used this?


Still investigating options for super-imposing a CMS onto an existing website.

I had been thinking of PERCH (which I think I mentioned in this group forum, or Computer corner some months ago....but this is still to techie for me, having no HTML experience ...and as yet I'm too nervous to give it a trial..

BUT, TODAY I have found something that might work for me, because it enables one to type directly into 'enabled' fields (& presumably upload images...important for me because it is an art website that up till now has just functioned as an incomplete archive. I want to make it function as a site that I can sell from, record sales etc. So buttons to EBay, Etsy and links to other sites, perhaps a blog...)

THIS IS THE SOMETHING ....www.surrealcms.com

I would really appreciate it if those on this site with real expertise in managing websites could take a look at this and let me know their thoughts....asap please...I must sort something out soon....

Thanks for you time & input in advance....merci a tout...

They make that Surreal CMS look really interesting don't they. (I'll have a better look after work.)

Sorry, me again...

Found another CMS that also looks hopefull.......http://www.gingercms.com

Anyone with experience of this...?