Eating out in the mid to upper Dordogne Valley

Dear fellow Survivors,

I've been asked by France Magazine to write a piece on eating out in 'my' part of the Dordogne Valley (very roughly Souillac in the west as far as Argentat in the east). I'm looking for three restaurants that are consistently good and ideally with restaurateurs who are quite interesting and happy enough to talk about their backgrounds, menus, wines and other produce etc. Do you have any favourites you could recommend me to try?

I'm also on the look out for good places for snacks (a crêperie perhaps, that kind of thing) and aperitifs (favourite bars/brasseries).

Thanks very much in advance of any tips you can offer. It'll be much appreciated.

Mark Sampson

Thanks for the tip, Vernon. It sounds terrific. I'll check it out and hopefully go and try it soon.

Thank you, Barbara.

If you wish to venture into the Lot (46 - about 20 kilometres from Sarlat) there is a fantastic little gem of a TRUE auberge in the village of Nabirat. The menu de jour costs just 13 Euros for 4 courses plus cheeseboard, red wine & coffee..... See the Tripadvisor reviews & Facebook page for "Le Diablo Fraise". Most French restaurants in the Lot/Dordogne area are purely for the tourists - this is for locals but everyone is welcome. Booking is recommended! The food is to die for.

Good luck and enjoy reviewing.

Thank you, Barbara. That's kind. Probably just a little too far down river for me. It's not really my territory and I think the editor wants something more Lotois on this occasion. Bon weekend - and thank you again for your trouble.

Grapp d or which is excellent value for honestly good food extremely French cooking.

Usually very busy and near Monbazilliac.

Villa Leiticia nice food and very pretty inside.

In Bergerac old Town.

Nice young staff.

A find.

La Poudette just outside Pujols near Castilon La Bataile.

Honestly truly good cuisine very close to one star Michelin but not

too fou-fou .

Maybe not the right spot for you.