Eating out on the Charente

You mean that everything written by our members here is not Gospel ;-)

You'd be amazed how many people do think that everything they read is gospel. Never fails to amaze me :)

I said "believe" not "read" Catharine. I read 'em because I find them mostly extremely funny, pretentious rubbish, but don't believe a word they write as it's a too subjective thing. In any case theses people usually dine in places I either can't afford or won't pay the exorbitant prices demanded. Now, give me a article on "Freds Caff & Greasy Spoon" written by "real" Eggy Bacon connoisseurs such as my mate Pete the Plumb & I'm there like a rat up a drain :-)

Blimey - some strong reactions there. Surely if, taking Lisa's reply as an example, half a dozen other people agree that La Courtine is superb, that counts for something? What's wrong with word of mouth recommendations? Apart from that, Mark's post sounds as though this is more of a side issue - the actual article is about the boat trip.

The people that keep buying the papers or rather, clicking on the links Vic!

Allowed what exactly Deborah? I'm not clear what you are referring to?

No surprise there then! Who the hell actually believes what these column inch criminals write?

My daughter has a friend in London who is a former chef & now writes as a restaurant critic. She tells me that most restaurant critics don't actually eat in the restaurants they write about.

lazy, I agree, and dodgy - speaking as an old style journo (NCTJ) when you couldn't just fall back on the internet for case histories and the like - in our area, Limousin, for any given restaurant discussed, every person present is likely to have different opinions, Quite surprised Survive France allowed this.

Like :-)

The Restaurant du Chateau in Jarnac is fantastic. We use it in our tours around the Charente led by TV chef Reza Mahammad and everyone raves about it!

Pragmatism wins prizes, Véronique. For all we know the article is splendidly written and researched in every other way!

I think that is shockingly lazy journalism.

Boo and hiss.

Glad to see Anglo journos are as asiduous in their research as their UK cofreres. X column inches by tomorrow.