Economic doom !? Here's our anti-dote

Today is a day off for many people all around the world. I guess it helps to be religious at times. Well, not for me. I’m a self-employed poor (that’s relative) entrepreneur since 2005 and not only outside we have dark clouds packing the sky. Politically the world looks to be doomed too, no matter if living in The Netherlands, France, Greece or elsewhere.

Gloom and Doom is upon us, caused as much by the bankers, their politician friends and guardians, as by the international media. As mad as it all makes me, notably the injustice thrown upon us honest people who have NOT borrowed or loaned money, invested in shady deals or tried to get-rich-quickly on stock markets and other financial schemes, I am NOT going to let it bring me down! Not even with the coldest April and May upon us!

So, we look at the nearby future and our renewed stay in France in July and onwards. Hopefully under some great blue skies again and taking in the sights of the beautiful alpine world from our little balcony.

That mental picture is what keeps us going for now........ and damn the torpedoes !


Many thanks for your replies. Nina and I feel and are exactly the same. We have paid our debts (we only ever had a mortgage) with the money I received when I was ousted from the (American) company I worked hard for. They 'sold' us out for gain on the stock markets and kicked out all 50 year old staff because they were 'too expensive'.
You can imagine how I feel about stock markets, their traders, large company 'management' and banks. Yes, I was pretty high up in the ranks of the company, but doing an honest job managing IT staff in 42 countries and helping them do their jobs.

We're now living at about 10% of what we used to earn and being punished by governments bearing down on small-time mom and pop businesses trying to make ends meet. Unfortunately the housing market collapsed just before we could sell our home with some profit and now we're stuck in Holland. Our French 'pied a terre' is a little 30 sq m apartment in a beautiful chalet in the equally beautiful Alps near Meribel. We can just about afford the running cost and the travel up and down each time...... from our life savings!

I am not complaining, there are many people much worse off still. But it is totally unfair and that is the major frustration that I and many honest people with me have. And not being able to do anything about it, nor to convince a majority to vote for - or rather do away with - other politicians and 'leaders'.

Still, as I wrote in my initial message, in July we head for France again and will pretend the world is not coming to a creaky end and just enjoy the sunshine, mountain air and 'freedom' we have there ;-)


Jane I read what you wrote with interest.

And note that we have both use/will use our lovely location and property to

provide our daily needs and pay our bills.

Interesting that you say that the goverments have allowed the banks to run riot.

Ah yes...this is so and now some banks scheme and cheat to take what thay can from

those of us who have towed the line.

Yes I did have a mortage on the restaurant which we sold well and then paid 60.000 pounds in

capitol gains tax...before we came here.

You know how I feel about banking.

I really find it so hard to except that there are people earning millions and throwing some of that

to the wind when others are starving. For me it suggests that there is something greatly wrong

with the system of life. I notice Jane that you mention greed and that it has brought us to

this point of instability. Ah yes.
One of my best friends is an ex bank manager and she has settled here in France

I have no trouble being honest with her because she sees how it really was/is.

Everything about our world is in a fragile balance.

I bought our present house here in the Clunysois in Southern Burgundy as an ark for our family. We have since discovered water!!

We have installed solar panels and geothermic heating, but we still need electricity from the grid. We have one and a half hectares and grow a lot of our own vegetables and have planted an orchard. We have chickens. I am a professional cook and can make a good meal from very little.

We are still totally dependant upon the markets and our investments for our pension income, as we worked for ourselves and have not the backing of a civil service pension.

Because we are living in rural France, the medical services are not as good as in the cities, but will that matter when there is no money to pay for them?

Greed has brought us to this pass. We did not borrow any money, except for our mortgage and now we do not owe anybody any money, yet we are still waiting for the "snagging list" to be completed on the work we have done to this house.

We live in an extremely beautiful part of France and we have been welcomed here and included in social gatherings and have made friends with people we would have been glad to have had as friends in UK.

However, the EU has opened its doors to countries that have been less than financially honest and whose population do not like paying their way, and I have to include France in this, they are not amongst those who willingly make fair tax declarations.

Most European countries have been living on borrowed money for far too long and people have followed their example. Now is the time of reckoning and the populations of certain contries have to face up to the fact that their governments have let them down.

I do not think that bleeding a country dry is the best way to bring it back into the fold.

The Greek man who burnt himself to death rather than live as he was being made to reminds me of the Polish priest who, by his self-immolation, brought about the revolution in Poland.

We need to face up to what has been done by governemnts who have let the banks run riot, let personal debt get totally out of contol and have mortgaged our future.

We will all pay the price, no matter how careful we have been to manage our personal finances and not let our own families run into debt.

We can still wonder at the beaty of the natural world, but we do need to be aware that this is a fragile balance and could very well go the way of the economies of the Euro zone.

Good for you for seeing the positive. It does seem to be a global thing and life is changing for the masses.
I welcome this and see it as an opportunity to get back to being real and authentic as a species.
We are learning to bake again and use everything, growing our own food and bartering and sharing with neighbours, learning about local ammenities and discovering family again.
I won't miss the junk added to processed supermarket or take out food, I won't miss throwing away leftovers or spoilt food, travelling long distances, burning unnecessary fuel. I'm not sad my kids are reading books and not going to theme parks!!!
Of course making these changes takes time, but isn't life about time and how we use it and who we spend it with? I don't need to spend it at a mall, buying something I don't need, so I can chew up the planet for the next generation. I don't want to overlook the value of neighbours or family or neglect to teach this to my kids or an appreciation for the small things. I have seen great changes in my immediate environment over the last two years or so. We are now being forced to think as a responsible species as the money plug has been pulled and the times of excess are over!

Of course you are lucky to have summer upon you as we enter winter and 3 days of rain to look foward to.
I will be making a huge pot of butternut soup as my husband just won a large bag of them at golf it's not all doom and gloom here either :-)