EDF..accord ou opposition

Yesterday I received a lengthy blurb from EDF headed " Mise a disposition de donnees relatives a votre contract de fourniture d’electricite au tarif reglemente de vente".
It seems that EDF are obliged to furnish customer info to other suppliers and are asking my permission?
Has anyone else received this ( I assume everybody on Tarif Bleu at least) and any thoughts?
I don’t particularly want to be beseiged by numerous companies offering confusing tariffs.

Just say no! See what happens regarding being bombarded by mail etc.


I wonder if you shouldn’t take a look at switching from the Tariff Bleu?


Your email from EDF may be intending to help.

It’s easily refused in your “espace client” - no need to post anything. The default may be set to refuse but do check.

I’ve often looked at various other offers but at the moment EDF’s Tempo (part of tarif [one f] bleu) beats all the others.

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Yes, we did. Nothing sinister about it.
As @Shiba suggests, just say no to save being bombarded with offers from other players.

EDF is now required by default, to avoid abuse of its monopoly position, to release your details to its competitors by default unless you confirm to them that you refuse this.

Démarchage (cold calling even illegally) is a real problem in France so anything you can do to stop your details being allowed to be shared by anyone, I’d suggest you do. I’m signed up to bloctel (that puts your number on a list that makes it illegal to cold call you). And yet even yesterday I had a call from one of the compte de formation greaseball outfits.

I also make a point of putting a fake go-nowhere mobile number if a form online can’t be submitted without one. Such as online comparison engines. Otherwise despite being on bloctel I’d be besieged by random callers for the next year as my details would immediately be sold on. I do always put a correct email though.

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Thank you for all the input. Opinion is a little divided but I shall decide.

Like that!

I’ve also been doing that fake number thing for several years Karen. Whenever I respond I ask to be contacted by email so I can absorb and translate if necessary. People seem to prefer instant contact by phone but rapid sales patter fails to work with me and I invariably make a polite excuse and ring off.
Bloctel is also useful and it seems more effective now than when we first used it in about 2015. Maybe one’s number has to ‘mature’ in the system or suchlike.