EDF - changing payment method


We are paying a fixed amount each month to EDF for our electricity. It’s clear the actual amount we should have paid is considerably more than the amount so far debited. So I expect a big bill will be on its way at some point

I would rather pay each month in full for the amount we use, but I cannot work out if this is an option on our ‘dashboard’.

Its probably my inadequate french.

Any pointers please?



There is somewhere in your dashboard you can change it. I seem to remember it took me ages to find and wasn’t where I thought it should be!!!

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And if you can’t find it ( I can’t remember either :roll_eyes:) they will eventually send you a nice email telling you what the new amount will be and when


I actually rang them up and asked to pay on a 2-monthly basis since 6-monthly was resulting in very large bills. That seemed to be the nearest available option to monthly at the time. Now I have a linky, it’s based on actual consumption rather than estimates or readings.

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Maybe I should give them a call as we also have a Linky but they just calculate our monthly amount once per year (on the anniversary of us signing up).

Last year’s bill was €250 lower than they’d estimated. This year they improved slightly but it was still off by €200 (in our favour). They’re quick to reimburse us but I think I’d still prefer to pay actual usage rather than over paying each month.

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I’d definitely have a word, if I were you…

Before Linky, even so…

I was not happy when they suggested increasing our monthly payment as I was being extremely careful…
After a phone call, in which I explained my thoughts… they agreed to maintain the status quo…
and still had to give me a refund… albeit not so large as would have been the case if they’d insisted I paid more up front each month… :wink:


Thanks to everyone. Reading all of your responses, I am not completely convinced that the “payment in full each month option” actually exists?

We have a Linky.

Mon compte

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I’m not sure it does, no, unless you want to come off automated payment altogether and receive a paper bill each month (or two perhaps?) which you then physically take to pay in cash or such, I’m not sure if you can pay each bill like that online or by phone, but when I looked the two routes were either old timey paper bills (perhaps with a surcharge?) or this monthly identical payment stuff, which they push heavily no doubt because it’s best for their cash flow or something. But perhaps if you push them they’ll let you do other ways. Given the kinky registers exactly how much you use, and I understood they’d had a systems overhaul recently that removed a lot of the old limitations (like insisting on FR IBANs), it really should be an option to pay for June’s electric in July automatically.

I’d be interested whether this is just EDF or whether Mint, Bulb (RIP), Total, whoever else, all only offer these methods.

It does I pay for what I use

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Ouch! Dude you need to go onto tempo :rofl:

It most certainly does - it is how we pay. It was brought in when Linkys were installed - it was not an option before.

AFAIR it is not possible to arrange via the Espace Client, you may need to ring up.

I changed from the historically available bi-monthly réel to monthly réel when we changed to Tempo last year.


Have been since the beginning of the month, and now the hot water tank is on a timer and the washing machine is programmable too. Though have just installed a new kitchen, the appliances are all electric. We mainly cook on the wood burner during the Winter months.

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So this is the missing part of the puzzle seemingly? It’s not actually available without a phone call? Perhaps a message through the website will also work.

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Good news then after all. Thank you.

Done it!

Had two payment options in use on dashboard. Direct Debit and Pay Monthly.

Completed the payment option to add extra Third Service . (Our bank details were already there as we pay by d debit already)

Payment in full is not possible while while Pay Monthly is a payment option, so used ‘Contact Us’ to tell EDF I wanted to change payment method.

15 minutes later got call from EDF to arrange this. It will take a couple of months to settle down as there is a balance to pay before bills reflect actual use.


Oh wow, didn’t know we could do this with Tempo! I’ll get onto it, summer use looking like around 60ish so 1/2 of our old contract! Actually aircon will bump it a bit! Would so rather pay real usage.

I thought a paper bill to be paid in several different ways every 2 months was the norm, it certainly is with us both before and after Linky. I pay it within the hour online just to make sure it is done. :smiley:

Yes, they tried that with us as well, this despite having to refund us nearly €200 the year before. We just said no and so they didn’t. We’re due another refund next month. I think this has occured because of the Chèque énergie we received, which they just don’t seem to take into account when calculating a monthly figure. We had the same issue when we first moved into the house. Unbelievably, in 2018, the previous owners were paying €180 per month for electricity. We were using about €30 per month. What they were doing, we couldn’t figure out, but it took a considerable effort to make them believe that is should be €30 per month. Having the Linky helped.

If you speak to them, and the number is on the page of your bill, they are normally charming. If language is a problem,write a mail, which is on the page as well; there should be somewhere which says you can pay by “mensualité” ie monthly. Most people do I think.