EDF charges and future strategy

I imagine many of you will have seen Connexions or similar reporting up to 30% price hikes by EDF over the next few years. Here in France they are giving investment in alternative energy sources as the reason. However EDF have become an international company earning the French economy large sums. They have already been the thorn in the side of UK statutory bodies regulating the power generation industry. Now I read 'Electricity firm EDF has confirmed it wants the UK government to sign 40-year contracts to support building new nuclear reactors in Britain – as the national energy regulator warned prices are likely to rise higher than expected.'

Look at http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2013/feb/19/edf-40-year-contract-nuclear-plant then form your own opinions. If we ever had good reason to move it would be to go somewhere where this iniquitous company with its terrible service as well as anti-progressive policy is not to be found. The hypocrisy gob smacks me.