EDF dossier

We have recently been receiving phone calls from EDF trying to arrange a home visit ‘to check the energy efficiency of our home’. The caller has been quite pushy implying that this is a requirement but has been unable to give us a reason why such a visit should be necessary other than that it is needed to ‘complete our dossier’.

We have a linky meter and get regular reports from Energy Direct about our usage which seem adequate for our purposes so I am do not know why such a visit would be necessary and have refused them entry to our home. It seems more of an intrusion than a service.

Has anyone else had such calls?

Give no information… Simply ask them to put their request in writing… then put the phone down immediately.

You might or might not get a letter… :wink: and if you do… you can check your own contracts to see how kosher it is… and act accordingly.

works well in so many situations with these dratted phone calls

Sounds a bit scammy, is it definitely EDF?

You need the energy efficiency in your dossier diagnostique, but only if you are selling.

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Scam. EDF say on thier site they will never contact you like that. Hang up.


Definitely a scam imo, I never answer the landline these days unless someone I know shows up on the screen, and even that is so few and far between (because all the people who I would want to speak to know this and don’t use the landline) that I hardly hear it ringing anymore and rarely look at the screen until later when I scroll through and have a clear out.

If it comes in an email, hover over anything you are asked to click on (but don’t click) and down in the far left bottom corner of your screen you will see in very small writing who it is really from. I bet it won’t be EDF. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

Usually this is aggressive marketing by companies attempting to sell you insulation of some sort. As far as I know, EDF will never ring you directly about this, although they do use subsidiaries to promote energy saving campaigns or alternative energy production, and sometimes these companies will attempt to contact you directly over the phone.
Like most people on here, I assume, our phone is set to silent or to switch to voicemail immediately. If someone really needs to contact us, they can leave a message. We added our number to Bloctel, as we used to get 8-10 spammy calls a day, and had simply had enough. The number has dropped significantly, although not completely.


Thanks to everyone for their advice. You all seem to confirm what I thought. I will continue to refuse them.