EDF Email contact?

bonjour mes amis. Does anyone know the correct email address for EDF customer services where I can get a response? I have sent three emails to the email address on my EDF bill but have not received a response. I believe they may have disconnected my electricity meter that is outside my house fixed to a pilon (I am currently in the UK) so I have no way of proving how much electricity I have or have not used. I pay my bill buy bi-monthly DD but as I have not been able to visit my property all throughout UK lockdown, I have not used any electric and therefore I believe I am owed a refund. I have explained all of this (in French) but not heard back from them. I did receive a letter some months ago from a company which I suspect was to arrange for us to have a smart meter fitted inside the house - I also explained this to them. I can send a letter but I never know which is correct address from several to chose so I would prefer email as at least I know it can be passed on. Any suggestions ???

Have you tried phoning?

This email is for communication with EDF in english - they always respond



Thanks Peter, that is very helpful, I will give it a go. Take care :rainbow_flag:

Hi Billy, yes I did but the phone line kept me waiting and after I decided not to wait any longer, (luckily) I found that the call had cost me £2.30 on my mobile. I will give Peter’s email a try. Thanks for responding, stay well and keep smiling :sunglasses:

Skype is useful if you have data on your mobile and have to dial foreign numbers. Often a choice of 2p per minute vs 30p per minute, for example.

Thanks very much for this tip Karen. I have not heard of using skype for that so it could come in very handy. I think the number was one of those 50p a minute type numbers so skype would def save lots of money. have a good week and weekend :sunglasses:

If I ever recommend anything it’s usually because I’ve made that same mistake rather badly myself…an afternoon in Germany on a mobile desperately trying to rebook a flight comes to mind (£120) after which friendly souls told me £5 on Skype etc.

Skype also shows you the per minute rate now when you’ve dialled the number too. Mostly special numbers are not so surcharged. But some are even on Skype so always check the rate that will show.

Youngest son moved house last weekend and despite calling EDF on Monday to change the contract at his new place they cut him off without warning on Wednesday, hopefully he’s now sorted but they are complete baskets at times.

Oh dear, that’s what’s I am worried about. I will have travelled for over a day to my house and really hope I don’t arrive to no electricity even though I am paying a monthly Direct Debit :weary:. Wish me luck, I hope it gets sorted for your son!