EDF facture rectificative

Hi - have just received an adjustment bill from EDF for consumption at my previous house for the period 1.8.14 to 31.7.15 amounts to 55€.
This is the first I have received although I have seen mention of clawbacks in 2012. Is this a similar exercise and have other people received these backdated requests?

I think usually they’re just added onto your bill and you don’t notice it unless you look carefully…
But I guess if you are no longer paying bills at that property they have to issue a separate bill.

Lynne… didn’t the meter get read when you left the last property ?? Sounds iffy to me… :confused:

We also have had the first of 3 bills with charges relating to a past period. It is the same as the one for 2012 which was taken in 3 bills. I think it is something to do with the price published not being sufficiently high enough and the government have allowed EDF to claw back the losses at a later date.

Even if the post had her meter read before she left her last house, she would still be liable for the extra charges.

You would have thought having had to claw back once, it would not have happened again.

How weird… so can we all expect to get these retrospective bills…???

Very odd… as we’ve had meter readings done recently… resulting in EDF lowering our monthly payment…:heart_eyes: