EDF meter and supply repair charges

EDF question: we’re doing renos and our electrician has told us that the meter and electrical supply (EDF side) is very very old and dangerous, and needs to be replaced. Our electrician called EDF who, first said ‘speak to your electrician it’s his job!’ to which our electrician said ‘no the supply and meter is your property EDF!’ (EDFs first attempt at pushing the responsibility onto us). We then set a RDV with EDF to visit the property and look at the situation. We have now received an almost compulsory ‘DEVIS’ for + €850 (2/3 of the total cost) to have the supply and box replaced. Our electrician says it’s theft, and EDF should be fully responsible for the cost of their supply and their meter. Obviously we want it brought up to standard asap as it is currently very unsafe, but we also feel like EDF are taking advantage (if not outright steeling!) and would therefore like to challenge these charges. Has anyone had a similar situation or have any advice as to how to deal with it?

You don’t say where the meter is located. Is it inside the property, or on the outside? I suspect it makes a difference.

Why is the meter and supply unsafe? It may be old, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fit for use. It may be, from ERDF’s point of view, that the meter and supply are still OK to use, albeit old, but because you have asked them to change it, they have said that you should foot part of the bill.
What exactly are they charging you for?


I am a little confused by your post…you start by saying the meter and electrical supply (EDF side)… then you talk about the “almost compulsory Devis” from EDF to have the “supply and box replaced”…

Firstly, why is the quote “almost compulsory” ???

Could you please clarify what EDF are quoting for… is it the line to the meter??.. or is it the line to the meter and a new fuse box ??

I am sure folk will be able to chime in with helpful information…

We have just changed supplier from ENGIE to EDF and had a new meter fitted by the old ERDF total cost 74 euros.

Do you speak fluent French, if not there’s an English language helpline 05 62 16 49 08, I would suggest get the electrician to connect up anyway to the existing breaker, the final installation has to be inspected and result submitted to EDF. If as he suggests EDF main supply line is unsafe then surely its the responsibility and obligation of EDF to make safe their equipment free of charge. They normally only charge if its an initial installation i.e bringing in a new line to a newly built property. When my house was built in 2007 the charge was under €300, the pole is 20 metres from the house.

Thanks everyone… to answer some questions… it was our electrician who highlighted that it looked in pretty bad condition when he was connecting our fuse box etc up to the supply, I believe the wire had disintegrating silk or fabric sheathing around it. So trusted his judgement. Not actually sure what EDF thought though, and maybe they deemed it safe… so that’s a good point, will look into that. When I say, almost ‘compulsorily devis’ it was more because it seemed that we had no choice but to pay it, even though the work that was being carried out is actually the property of EDF, not ours. We live in a city, and the meter and supply is beside the front door (inside), on the street, there can’t be more than 3m max of supply wiring to be replaced. Guess we should ask when our area will be fitted with the Linky meter as well. Thanks for the English language phone numbers too…