Hi all, we have a holiday home near Bourg en Bresse and hget down here 3 - 4 months of the year. Our EDF bills seem to be gettng out of hand. For example, in 2009 we were here for 1 month in February, 1 month in May and 2 months over August /September and our EDF bill (electric heating and electric hot water) was over 1000 euros. In 2010, again 1 month in winter and 2 months in the summer and our bill was 650 eauros.

Does anyone understand how EDF tarifs work? What it the best approach to abonnements, off peak etc.? Please let me know. Cheers, Alan

Hi Alan, not been in touch for a while. when are you next/currently chez vous?

!9,000 Euro EDF bill received by Pouillon resident!


Impossible for it to be so high! Once when I got a huge bill I telephoned the EDf and the guy agreed with me that it was ridiculously high so he advised me simply not to pay, and then when it got looked at again EDF realised the error of their ways.

Dear Alan, this sound s ridiculously dear.Do you have a copy of the bill you could get someone to look at for you?

you need to know what tariff you are actually on. EDF has a homepage with a "particulieres" link for individuals to find out all about tariffs.

a friend here had much higher bills due to EDF keeping them on a "tempoary" tariff, installed when they renovated their house..that was 3 years ago and they are still trying to get a bill sent..perhaps this is what is going on?

I suggest you ask EDF to let you speak with someone who speaks reasonable english at the Sorieges office or by phone and explain that you need them to assess the situation and that you think you may need 'remboursement' for the overcharging..