Dealing with utility companies can be a thankless task, but EDF’s English speaking, international helpline should make things easier. Manager, Sylvie Notary explained “we offer all the usual services that EDF provides. We can help both residential clients and small enterprises with matters such as line opening, temporary supplies, increases in power supply as well as answering queries on anything from tariffs to (wind) turbines. We get enquiries coming from all over the world; in fact, we have answered calls from French property owners from 50 countries!”
The helpline number is 00 33 562164908.

Is this line still working? My electricity has just gone, after a massive thunderstorm and I tried phoning but it is answered by a French voice then the line goes dead. The EDF website isn't much good either. Don't know what to do - I've tried the trip-switches on the box but no good.

This is another number that was successfully used today to contact EDF (Electricite de France) English speaking helpline (answered immediately) 05 62 16 49 08

Yes thanks, just trying to work out if I was on the best tarrif as I only use the house for holiday purposes. EDF stated that I could have been €57 euros better off in the last year if I was on a single billing price structure instead of dual.

Thanks for the update David, hope you got your EDF issues resolved in the end.


Tried today using this and the phone was answered in less than 5 mins. English speaking only lines. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the number. All ways going well… EDF stating that the number was busy in French and English and to please hold on. However, it seems that if they dont answer within 13 mins, another message is played and you are cut off.
I may try again another day…