Did anybody here the news this morning? EDF are proposing to put up the price of electricity for people who (by their assessment) do not have adequately insulated houses.

I went looking too Krister and found nothing better than you have found. In theory we have little to worry about except that our electricity bill may be high at times when extra heating is necessary. However, we got a rebate at the end of our last payment year, €28 for a year but OK. We use less water than we are expected to, but that's our secret... Most of our heating is split between solar and wood, so we will not be asking for one of their loans... However, for people like you there is the promise of a bigger bill.

Brian, I have not been able to find any real details on this, yet. This link is a bit more specific, but no numbers. I think the government is still working on this, and there are many grey areas of course. For example, how to treat tenants, because the heating system is normally decided by the owner of the house/apartment. Personally I'm worried because we have a big house with 4 rooms for B&B and a gîte in the garden, so naturally our annual electricity and water consumption is way above the average for two persons and two dogs.

Oh well, what a coincidence (not). We have just had a mail out from EDF offering loans for home improvements in the post. I guess plenty of SFNers will be receiving the same. It seems to be an either they get you or they get you strategy. So transparent but full of barbs I suspect.

Thanks Krister, interesting but too brief. That the newsdesk used it this morning would suggest there is something moving and being France Bleu it was so undetailed people would need a bit better presentation of it than perhaps 20 seconds...

It's actually a new law proposition, where the tariff is progressive with higher price per kWh for "wasteful" consumption. There is a similar proposition for water. Here's a link to an article condemning the whole idea: Les tarifs progressifs de l'électricité, une solution inefficace

My first line should have read 'hear' the news by the way, in case that is causing confusion.

France Bleu Perigord news 0800, my OH and I looked at each other and she used the 'F' word, which she rarely ever does...

Do you have a source for this info Brian?